Sir Robert Laird Borden was once a lawyer, a politician, and lastly a prime minister for Canada. Robert was born on June 26th, 1854 in Grand Pré, Nova Scotia and died on June 10th, 1937 in Ottawa, ON. He was the eighth prime minister of Canada , and was so during the First World War. Robert was an important figure in the achievement of "Dominion Status" and the transistor from the British Empire to the British Commonwealth of Nations. Robert Borden was a great Prime Minister specially during the First World War.


As I said before Robert Borden was a lawyer, a teacher, and also a politician. Robert was teaching at a private academy in Nova Scotia, until he decided to study law. In 1874 he would meet his wife Laura Bond, where he then founded a law firm that acquired one of the largest practices in the Maritime provinces.
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Before the First World War occurred as Prime Minister Sir Robert Borden had done a lot of great things for Canada. Robert did naval policy which involved a grant of 35 million dollars to Britain for the making of the three battleships. He also argued for establishment of a Canadian voice in imperial policy. Sir Robert Borden had a vision for Canada which was to the nation forward with its independence and development for the future.
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Prime Minister Sir Robert Borden lead Canada through tough periods in its time. He contributed to the war effort while still managing the political problems and taking care of the nation. In the start of WW1 Canada did not have a lot of control over its military forces and had not experience with managing a wartime economy. Robert Borden used the importance of Canada's growing war effort to advocate a greater national autonomy within the Empire. In the end Robert Borden lead a Conservation-Union government to a close victory in a sour contested 1917 election and won using a vast effective military, industrial, and agricultural mobilization in the support of victory.


Robert Borden argued that Canada and other dominions deserved recognition about the nations of of Imperial Commonwealth and how they should have a in foreign policy and relations. Robert insisted that Canada send delegates to the Paris Peace Conference in 1919, and that they sign the Versailles Treaty too. While Canada was still under the rule of Robert Borden, they gained separate representation at the International Labour Organization and the League of Nations. Robert truly showed that he was a great Prime Minister and breaking out of a shadow covered by Great Britain.


Robert Borden retired as prime minister in 1920.When Robert Borden retired from being Prime minister he was more focused on our his business affairs and holding the Chancellorship of Queen's University from 1924 to 1930. Robert retired from the post in 1930.
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