The Road to Greatness

Bryan Grimaldo

Definition of perseverance

My personal definition of perseverance is trying to achieve a goal even though there will be some mistakes made.
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Eleanor Roosevelt (description)

Eleanor Roosevelt was born in October 11, 1884. Her mother would tell her that they wanted a boy and her grandma would tell her that she was ugly. The only person that really cared for her was her dad. She was not liked at school. Also she wasn't social enough so like famous. She was called mean names. Eleanor Roosevelt wasn't really accepted. Another thing is that she became famous because her husband was nominated for president. Eleanor became more social once Franklin was president. When Eleanor went to boarding school she tried out for field hockey and made the team. Also just because of her hard work she was accepted by her teammates. She faced many adversities in her life.

First lady to the World Steps on How She Became Successful in Life

Eleanor Roosevelt wasn't very social and she was sent to boarding school because her grandmother thought she would be able to change. First she became less shy that she tried out for a sport and did more things to become social. Also when she tried out for field hockey she worked hard that her teammates and even other accepted her. Then when she got out of boarding school later on in her life she met the love of her life which helped her become a helper of the United States president. Also working for the United States helped her become more popular and social with things that had to do with her country. Next Franklin got polio and got sick that Eleanor had to be his eyes and ears because he was paralyzed. Another thing is that becoming the president’s eyes and ears makes her do his work so her work could of impressed people. After she had to also to do some work with the government because her husband died of the sickness and she helped draft the Declaration of Human Rights. Also helping out in the government people realized who she was and people thought of her as an inspiration and still do. She used ambition to try and help out in the government with other laws and things.

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Eleanor Roosevelt saying a inspiring quote for people

Jackie Robinson's Causes and Effects That Lead to Greatness.

Jackie Robinson played baseball in an all-white league which back then black people weren't allowed to play in and now today anyone who makes it to the MLB can play without any racism or threats. Also people didn't treat him with respect so whenever they would have a game the fans would throw things at him and boo at him. Whenever they needed to stay somewhere for the night the hotels didn't let them because they didn't let black people stay at hotels. Also when they rode on a bus he had to ride on the back. The pitchers aimed at him instead of attempting to get him out because he was black and every one was white. He was a tough person because he never yielded to those that did not like him he just did what he loved to do. Also later on in his life people finally noticed that it is pretty amazing to be able to play in an all-white league that now in days they give him respect and think of him as an inspiration. His adversities impacted other blacks that they stood up for rights and now today since they got equal right blacks are allowed to stay in hotels and sit anywhere in the bus. He also broke the color barrier so if other blacks played they were able. Another thing is that Jackie Robinson helped Martin Luther King Jr with segregation when four black girl were bombed in a church.

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Famous quote from Jackie about back then

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Orphan train Rider

In the train they only had white people in it. It feels like they only let white kids in and not any black kids.

Problem/Solution For The creative spirit.

Eula Hall lived in a town where doctors were far away,expensive or they were busy everyday.Also she became sick so she felt bad for herself and others that she attempted to help others out.
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Jackie robinson/ Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg Compare and Contrast

Jackie Robinson was a black baseball player and played in a white league. Also he was the first person to break the color barrier and he didn't care what the fans did even though he wanted to fight back. Nadja was a famous violinist who thought she wasn't good so quit playing the violin. Another thing is that she wanted to get back on playing the violin so she practiced some pieces and used them for a successful competition.
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Lessons that people can learn from perseverance

Lessons that people can learn from this is that hard work can help achieve something that they wanted to. Also a person can learn that there will be some mistakes in life but not giving up will help. Another thing people can learn from this is that having disabilities or not can still do what a person without any disabilities can do. Last but not least, a person can learn is that mistakes will help them get better at what they want to achieve.

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