Dred Scott and Harper Ferry

By:Lauren Carpenter

Dred Scott

Dred Scott was an African American Slave who lived with his owners on free territory.The owner died and he gained his freedom.


Dred Scott decided to sue the owner for his freedom and because they lived with them for years in free territory. The abolitionists decided to use the Scotts as a test case for the Supreme Court.

A conclusion

The Supreme Court decided that people of the African Decent both free and enslaved could not sue in Federal Courts because they were not under the Constitution. The Court described them as "property". The Congress said they could take their "property " anywhere they had no right to ban slavery in those territories.

Harpers Ferry, Virginia

It's a location in Virginia where John Brown seized a federal arsenaland tired to start a rebellion against slavery. Instead Federal Troops arrived at Harpers Ferry under the command of Colonel Robert E. Lee. John Brown - death by hanging. Judge found Worth guilty of inciting enslaved Africans. He was sentenced for a year of prison but his friends helped his escape.

The End