Bloomfield Middle School Newsletter

March 31, 2017

Newsletter March31

Important information for parents...

At school we often see how students are often negatively impacted by social media in a wide variety of ways. As much as we wish none of them used it, we know it is the world we are living in today. Many of our counseling conversations and Peace Circles revolve around smart and safe use of social media, it is also very important for parents to be having this conversation at home as well. Here is a good article that will give you info about what kids may have on their devices!

Middle School Events

BLOOMFIELD’S GOT TALENT SHOW – the show will be Friday, May 5th, 7-10pm.

Sign up in the Middle, High School offices or the Library by April 21st!

News from the classroom

6th grade update by Lucas Colf - Last week in the 6th grade science class at Bloomfield Central School we worked and tested with minerals. We learned about all of the facts of minerals like their properties and their elements. We learned how all rocks and minerals are different and what makes them unique. The science class had also tested plenty of minerals like biotite and fluorite. We ran tests for hardness, cleavage, luster, and reaction with acid. We identified what the minerals were based on the test results. The whole class learned about how minerals are just the start of rocks. The minerals form into rocks over a long period of time. My partner and I were so fascinated on how we use minerals in everyday life. Did you know that you use some minerals every day? For example, toothpaste. Fluorite is mixed into your toothpaste to help prevent cavities and build enamel. We learned what element combinations are needed to be considered a mineral. I have to say that I think that the minerals unit was my personal favorite so far.

Sci 7 - We are towards the end of the energy unit. This week "Waves."

In Social Studies 7 this week, the students use their chrome books to take a trip on the "Trail of Tears".

In English 7, students demonstrated their understanding of the novel The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle through a variety of project-learning opportunities, including movie trailers, personality collages, inspirational posters, and historical presentations.


Get it while you can! Here are the items left from the PTSA Bomber wear sale:


Open Gyms begin next week on Thursday April 6th from 6pm-8pm at the Elementary School gym. Open gyms will be every Thursday from April 6th through Memorial Day. Anyone who has played Modified/JV/Varsity or thinking about playing can attend. Questions please contact Coach Joe.

Summer Sports camps!

Community Information

Summer Thompson Health Career Exploration Opportunity for 8th graders!

Bloomfield Students score well at the 2017 New York State Archery in the Schools Program 2017 Virtual Tournament – By Coach Hoag

Forty one, middle and high school students from Bloomfield competed in this year’s virtual New York State, NASP Archery Tournament.

This is the most students from our school to compete in a single year. We also recorded our all time highest scores to date. Here is how our Top Archers faired.

Middle School Girls (124 Participants) 300 points is a perfect score

#14 Marissa Willix 246 ( BCS Middle School Girls Record Holder)

#44 Emma Rose Daley 207

#52 Sam Church 197

#53 Katie Hastings 197

Middle School Boys (147 Participants) 300 points is a perfect score

#29 Ryan Wolschleger 240 (BCS Middle School Girls Record Holder)

# 95 Colton Duchowny 181

#96 Cullen Fisher 180

#97 Jake Cameron 175

Congratulations to our students for their outstanding participation in this event. We are looking forward to hosting a Tournament of our own sometime next year. Great job everyone.

Bombers of the Month!

Congratulations to the following students for being selected as Bombers of the month for March!

Grade 6 - Lucas Colf

Grade 7 - Kiernan Bolan

Grade 9 - Sage Hunt