(You Are!)

Shouts Outs from YOUR Dolphin Colleagues

  • Kudos to Sheila, Johanna, and Gina for organizing and planning Earth Week!
  • Shout out to Angie Vaksvik for being a super organized, wonderful colleague who is always willing to go the extra mile!
  • Thank you to Casey and Rebecca for taking care of everything for the substitute when I was out!
  • Carolyn, Sara, Holli, Darla, and Marsha for their positive attitudes and excitement during Special Olympics!

Give 5 - Read 5

All MCS is participating in the NCDPI's push for students to get to take home 5 books for summer reading. We will begin taking donations of books for K-6 next week through the end of May. The idea is that we collect books and then allow students to "shop" for 5 books to take home and read during the summer. We will collect here as well as anywhere else we can think of? Think your church or other group might be willing to help us collect books? We'd love to have multiple collection sites in Pinehurst to provide our students with lots of awesome choices!

In the Week Ahead.....

Duties This Week

AM Bus/Cafeteria beginning - Blue

PM Bus - Mirian

AM Auditorium beginning - Zwart/Swinnie

AM Car beginning - McGinnis


Fire Drill 10:15am

mClass Meeting K-3 - KPD's room - after school


SIT Meeting


Ciccone-Central Office 12:30-2:30

Douglas - Ed Center pm


KPD-afternoon coach meeting

Dr. Grimesey visits two classes

Kindergarten Field Trip to Zoo

MCS Teacher of the Year Banquet - Yay Sheila!


Central Office School Improvement Visit 8:30-10am

4th Grade Philharmonic Field Trip

Duct Taping and Sliming - 1:45pm

In the Coming Weeks....

May 4

Bike Rodeo 2:30-6:00pm Rassie Wicker Park

May 4-22

mClass EOY

May 5

Kindergarten Program - 6:30pm

May 11-22


May 12

Faculty Meeting

May 14th

MCS Retirement Reception

May 21st

First Grade Program

June 2-4

EOG Testing

June 8

Final Exams

June 9

Final Exams

Read to Achieve - 3rd grade retest

5th grade Promotion Ceremony - 6pm

June 11

Last day of school!

June 12

Required Teacher Workday