Teens and Rural Sports

By Roger Smith


At the rodeos, your most likely to see the people wear broad-brimmed hats, jeans, and boots. The events come right after another in a very quick succession. First is usually roping then comes bare back riding and finally barrel racing. While barrel racing you and your horse need to have a strong bond in order to work as a team. Being in contestant in the rodeo takes strength, passion, heart and finally trust.

Country LIfe

Bull Riding

The most dangerous rodeo event is bull riding. All rodeo events require skill and practice, but bull riding is by far the most dangerous. Bulls are far from friendly when in the arena and they hate being ridden. So why do it? The chances of getting killed while bull riding are slim. In an average 3 out of 100,000 rodeo contestants die from sport-related injuries. A 2,000-pound animal with sharp horns and nasty disposition is always a threat. Whether the rider is thrown or dismounts, he or she is always in danger while in the ring with the bull. World Champion Lane Frost, one of the greatest bull riders in history, died in 1989 when a bull gored him after he dismounted.
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The dangers of bull riding