Where I Stand

My thoughts on Markham

Hello, I am Jillian Santos and I would like to give you my thoughts and concerns on Markham.

Wildlife Protection

In Markham, there are issues about keeping wildlife safe and preserving their habitats. There are many forests in Markham that have been cut down to build new buildings and plazas, but they have wasted a lot of space by not using it well. It is important to protect forests as it is a natural habitat for wildlife. Markham should also consider the fact that trees help keep our oxygen clean (e.g. to reduce amount of pollution we breathe in). If we do not take this issue seriously, our city could be one of the causes of the extinction of certain species or the endangerment.

Below is a link to a recent news story to show that caring for our environment is an important matter.

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Public Bus/Transit

A concern for the buses in Markham is that they sometimes take too much time to arrive. The waiting time can get long and some people could be in a rush to go somewhere while they don't have a car. I noticed that public transit have many stops and it takes a while to reach your destination. This issue may apply to students who don't own a car and need quick transportation.

Viva buses also recently built a bus-lane only road (Rapidway) on Highway 7. This happens to have a disadvantage to the people who want to ride it because although it may seem like a good idea, they have to cross the street into the middle to get in, instead of waiting on the side. Waiting on the sidewalk for the bus would be more safe and crossing the street to the middle just to get on the bus could be dangerous.

Having more trains or a light rails would be a better idea because they have a direct path. It may stop, but it won't take different routes.

I would say Markham should pay more attention to this issue as no one really makes an effort to talk about it.

Snow Removal

Slow snow removal is mostly an issue in the residential areas in Markham. On the main roads, they are fine and can clear them pretty quickly. But when it comes to clearing snow on the residential roads, they take long to arrive and clear all the snow. This would concern the citizens because if they need to go somewhere and the snow is all over the road, they don't really have a choice but to wait for the roads to clear up.

In some cities, there are services where they remove snow from your driveway as well. This would benefit citizens because it can save lots of time from shoveling. Some people get hurt while shoveling because of all the work. They also have done things to prevent putting snow on your driveway while plowing the roads - by removing the windrow on the truck. Markham should consider these improvements and should give more attention to the services of snow removal in residential areas.

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As shown in the photo above, the snow plowing trucks with a windrow end up pushing snow onto peoples' driveways.