Night of The Twisters

By: Ivy Ruckman And Noah Pham


The setting of the story is in Grand Island Nebraska.

Fact one: Grand Island, Nebraska is a real place.

Fact two: Nebraska is in the Midwest.

Fact three: Nebraska's capital is Lincoln.

Character List

1. Dan Hatch. He was The main character.

2. Arthur Darlington. He was Dan's friend.

3. Linda Hatch. She was Dan's mom and got lost but found again.

4. John Hatch. He was Dan's Dad.

5. Stacey Darlington. She was Arthur's sister.

6. Ronnie Vae Darlington. She was Arthur's sister and flew out the window.

7. Aunt Goldie. She was Dan's Aunt.

8. Belle Smiley. She was Dan's Neighbor and died at the end.

9. Ryan. He was Dan's baby brother.

Problem and Solution

Problem Solution

  1. Dan lost his mom. 1. He looked for her and found her.
  2. They were stuck in there house 2. Stacey found them.
  3. Ryan was crying. 3. They gave him to Dan's mom.
  4. Smiley was stuck in the basement. 4. They built a ladder to get her out.
  5. There house was destroyed. 5. They lived on the farm.


So at first Dan and Arthur were riding home from the beach. Arthur noticed some strong winds so they had trouble getting home. Once they were home Dan opened the window. "Dang it's windy out there!" he said. After that Dan's mom was leaving to get a sweater to Ms. Smiley. That's where the tornado sirens kicked in. "Meh" Arthur said. "It's probably a mistake." Then they heard the tornado! Dan ran upstairs to get Ryan and got downstairs just before the tornado hit. It was terrifying! It was so loud they could have gone deaf! After the tornado they went looking for his mom. It took a along time but they eventually found her. After that there whole family got together and celebrated. Finally they got a new house and a new cat.