Divergent series

My book is about....

This book is mostly about Tris and Tobias, or Four, trying to get out of the city and go beyond the fence. They had to escape Tobias' mom who is currently in charge after defeating Jeanine Matthews. But now she is very power hungry and everyone has to do what she says. Eventually Tris, Tobias, and a few other dauntless escaped and went to bureau. When they got there they found out that everything was just an experiment and the the leader of bureau was going to reset the whole thing. So Tris was going to do something about it. Her brother Caleb was going to get through the blocked doors and the death serum to release the memory serum at bureau so they would not set it off in Chicago. But Tris would never let anything happen to her brother so she went on the mission and made it through the death serum and set off the memory serum. Right after she set off the memory serum at bureau Tris was shot and did not make it.

What I thought what powerful.

I thought that when Tris went in the death serum instead of her brother was powerful. I thought that was powerful because Caleb was going to sacrifice her sister to stay a live but Tris would never do that to her brother even though he deserved it.