Dangers of Guns


Gun violence everywhere. All around the world someone is being killed from a gun but why though? Teens, young adults and other young people are mainly the people who misuse guns and use them for what they aren't to post to be used for.

Gun violence or injuries

Police found out that over 200 people are killed in one year, what year is that you may ask, 2015. In 2015 over 200 people were killed. If you add that up 1000 people would be killed in the next 4 years "in my opinion that's a lot of people for 4 years. This is a dangerous hazard for young parents and toddlers, why because toddlers can't defend them self.

Murrders just from a gun?

  1. More than 75% of murrders accrue from a gun. Lower parts of Erie are bad for little kids because they are an easy target. Little kids get killed each year because they come face to face with an adult with a gun. Robbers use guns to scare people and threaten them and sometimes kill them and get away with murrder.

School shootings but why!?

You think all schools are safe but no school shooting accrue every year but why though? One reason is because parents leave the gun unattended and kids get a hold of it. Another reason is kids know the password for a gun safe or they bash it open. This is bad though because little kids don't know what a gun could do to someone so they pull the trigger and in some cases it hits another kid sometimes killing them.

Protection from bad guys/robbers

Protection from people like bad guys,robbers,muggers are a need in some parts in the United States why? Well with all this violence from guns why not own a gun to protect yourself. Many lower areas of a state is an unsafe environment for probably a young kid to grow up but if that kid had a gun he could protect him self.


With every thing that has been said I hope you now realize that guns and all guns are tragically dangerous to our environment and should have more laws and restrictions on them


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