My Year At A Glance

By:Michelle Seelow

About me

I love animals and have a WHOLE!!! bunch of them. I love being outdoors, I cant stand being cooped up in a house. I like to have fun not just sit there and be a bum. I like to hunt, fish, and camp. I get along with just about anyone, only if you dont get on my bad side. I am very goal oriented person I start something, you know darn sure im going to finsh it no matter what the obstacles are there in front of me.

Dream Vaction

I would love to go to Chyenne, Wyoming. Its a goregous place in my mind, I love wide open spaces. Farms and ranches all over the place. The one thing I would like to do when I was there is take a wild horse, jump on him and run as fast as possible. Get lost in Wyoming on horseback whould be a blast!!!


I am part Ag in high school.Mostly apart of the Horse Judging Team, I finished fourth place in a practice round. Went to district, then went all the way to state.For anyone who loves animals and or farmimg you need to be apart of The Frenship Agriculture