Nuntia Tigrina

Weekly Newsletter for the CMS Latin Program

Junior Classical League

Dues for JCL this year are $25. Pay Dr. Nabors in class ASAP.
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AP. Latin

The A.P.'s are now in Vergil and have taken their first test, over the first 50 lines of Book One. They will also be taking the National Classical Etymology Exam after Thanksgiving break.

Theme for TJCL and NJCL 2020

Omnes...summa ope niti decet, ne vitam silentio transeant.
Sallust, Bellum Catilinae 1.1 "It is right that everyone strive with the greatest effort lest they pass through life in silence."

Jason Nabors

Please check the school website. All students on social media are also encouraged to use the hash tag #latinhelps anytime they post something or see something that shows how Latin helps students in the real world.
Why Study the Ancient Greeks and Romans?