Our Toco Trip

Mayaro Homework Centre

Beneficial Exercise

The Mayaro Homework Centre, students, tutors and parents along with BGTT's representative went to the North coast of Trinidad on an overnight trip. The main objective of turtle watching and all its inherent environmental awareness was well achieved. Students and adults alike were also given an opportunity to broaden their views. Students also were given opportunities to develop their social and inter-personal skills in an atmosphere outside the classroom. Behaviour modification was observed in the manner and discipline in which the students conducted themselves.

A Different Perspective

Another Community's Success

Persons present found out many things that are also applicable and can be sustainable in the community of Mayaro. The professionally mounted and displayed art, the guest house owned and operated by the community, the eco-tours and income earning capacity, the beauty of our natural environment and meal preparation for tourists are to name just a few.

Mayaro Homework Centre