Team Tuttle Newsletter!

Time for some recognition!

These designers had $750 or more in pv (lowest to highest):

Danielle Tabino

Julie Carr

Peggy D'Antonio

Michelle Mendez

Heather Cole

Katie Moore

Heather Cole

Jennifer Piskorowski

Samantha Asham

Pamela Daetwyler

Jennifer Downin

Kris Crowe

Jeanie Jordan

These designers had $1,000 or more in pv (lowest to highest):

Valerie Samuels

Stephanny Estrada

Joanna and Rilea Heidebrecht

Stephanie Green

Paula McCoy-Hatfield

Katie McGuire

Maria Delcampo

Kim Tomason

Cassandra Morrow

Dawn Petrone

Jill Sauld

Theresa Likert

Sherry Richmond

Amy Bateman

Alexandra Barker

Amy Diaz

Sandra Bravo

Lora Clark

Janice Nork

Kristen Dillon

Shana Rodgers

Sandy Gast and Kimberly Parker

The designers with the highest pv:

5. Jessica Reuter $2,148

4. Sandi-rose Smith $2,336

3. Kathy Pardee $2,546

2. Rafaela Rios $2,601


1. Aimee Johnson $4,033

Congrats to everyone.

Who has SOARED recently?

Congrats to these designers who have really worked hard! They have earned all 3 Soar to Success incentives!

Rafaela Rios

Kelly Rozell

Stephanie Green

Amy Bateman

Sandra Bravo

Lora Clark

Sherry Richmond

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Mark your calendars for October’s webinar on October 21 at 7:00 p.m. (CDT). More details to come!
This month, our founder, Chrissy Weems along with top leaders from The Nest shared valuable business tips and information. Our goal is to set you up for great success in October and we appreciate the questions you asked during the webinar. In response to your questions we created a one-page Q&A document to help provide you with the answers. Here is a recording of September's webinar:

Sorry this is in small text...just increase your letter size to read.
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Have you gotten your Thanksgiving goodies yet? How cute are these? Don't miss out on the Limited Edition items!
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The October Business Program is dedicated to giving you and your customers the opportunity to tell a powerful force for good story through a Living Locket®. Our Courage Hope Strength Exclusive Jewelry Set, available for Designers today September 22 at noon (CDT), includes pieces only available during this special promotion. O2 will be donating 100% of the net profits from this exclusive jewelry set to a local charity, Face in the Mirror. Join us as we strive to live out our mission and give back to our local community.

Beginning October 1 at noon (CDT), help your customers raise awareness around the causes that are important to them by sharing our Courage Hope Strength Exclusive Jewelry Set at your Jewelry Bars® , online Jewelry Bars* + selling it through your personal website.

Use our Business Program Assets to help spread the word about these fantastic opportunities to give back!

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How is your calendar looking? Is it full?

If you don't have at least 3 jewelry bars booked for this holiday season, it isn't too late! Get out your personal phone book or look at your contacts in your cell phone. It only takes one jewelry bar to get your 4th quarter rolling. Do you want to succeed? Your success or lack of all lies within YOU! Have you sent out your Holiday supplements to your best customers and past hostesses? Have you called past hostesses to ask them to host a holiday themed jewelry bar? Have you searched for some vendor events? Do you speak to at least 5 people a day about Origami Owl? Are you practicing the Vital Behaviors? These are all ways you can help get your business humming!
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Thanks for all the hard work! Don't forget to get your MyO2 Reward points in for Cancun! Don't miss a point by a few dollars! Who is going to get some sun next year in Cancun? Check your back office for all the details on Cancun and MyO2 Rewards! We have some on the team that is already going! Hoot hoot!!