The languages they speak is Spanish, English, Italian, German, French.


They celebrate the Guacho Festival and they play games like pin the tail and stuff like that and it's also like a carnival.

Art, Music, and Dance (Entertainment)

During carnival, people dress up and eat spicy food and dance like the Guacho festival and Argentina is good at Soccer.


The religions they practice is Jewish, Protestant, and Roman Catholic.
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Argentina food

They eat fruit salad with frozen yogurt and spicy food. The evening meal is lighter than the lunch time meal.

Famous person

Joao Rodriques Cabrillo is famous because he was a soldier under the command of Panfilo de Narvaez during the conquest of Mexico by Hernan Cortes.


Most people are wearing modern fashions, especially in urban areas.
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Their flag looks like the sun with sunglasses and it's white and blue.
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It's 75 degrees so it's hot.


Buenos Aires is Argentina's chief report and it's financial, industrial, commercial and social center.

Argentina sources

The sources I used is Kids Info Bits, World Book Kids, and National Geographic Kids.