Leeds SCITT Newsletter

Issue 6 Spring 2016

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Welcome to the Leeds SCITT Newsletter

Welcome to the Leeds SCITT Newsletter. Our aim is to share good practice across our Partnership, keeping all interested parties up to speed with key information and share tips on how to become outstanding trainee teachers. This is your newsletter, so please feel free to email and share your experiences of how you or your colleagues have used innovative strategies/resources which have contributed to pupils making excellent progress.

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Please remember to scroll down for tips and ideas on how to evidence TS5

Stage 3 Priority – Becoming an Outstanding Trainee Teacher

Helpful reminders and points to consider!

This week…

  • Continue to set focused targets during your mentoring meetings to support you in addressing key areas. You could use the language of the Teachers' Standards as outlined in the placement report (also located in the Stage 3 Manual pages 65 -80) to aid you and your SBT in the writing and evidencing of these targets. Remember it is important to share these targets with all of the host teachers in the department (a good idea is to write this down on the top of the lesson observation sheet you give to the observer) to ensure lesson observation feedback is focused and allows you to evidence the targets you and your SBT have set.
  • Continue to email your SEF to your SBT 24hrs prior to your mentor meeting and cc your Link Tutor in too.
  • Discuss with your mentor ideas that you would like to work on for your enrichment period. If you need any help with this please feel free to contact SCITT for further advice. Remember this time is given to you to be able to work on those developmental areas that will aim to be of support to you in your NQT year.
  • Discuss with you host teachers, strategies to support all learners in the classroom. Try out a new strategy and evaluate its impact in supporting pupil progress. Think about how you could improve its effectiveness in the future. Continue to work with your TA, SENCO and host teachers to ensure all pupils are included in their learning.
  • Try a new questioning technique.

Evidencing the Teachers' Standards

Each week we will focus on one of the Teachers’ Standards, to look at ways on how this specific 'Standard' could be evidenced in supporting you in becoming outstanding in this area. This week we will take a look at TS5 -Adapt Teaching to Respond to the Needs of All Learners.

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How can we evidence TS5?

For the SEB, the TS5 Standard can be evidenced in the TS5 Report, Lesson Observations relating to the trainee's work with pupils' particular needs, Lesson Plans & Lesson Evaluations relating to two or three Key Stages.

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Question time! How can we evidence questioning for TS5?

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The Socratic Process - 6 Steps of Questioning

There is a lot of information on this on the internet, here is one link which you may be interested in http://changingminds.org/techniques/questioning/socratic_questions.htm
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What will the classroom of the future look like to ensure all learners are included?

How different is your classroom setting from this?

Teaching and learning ideas! - A few ideas to help you and your pupils in the classroom.

Some more ideas in support of differentiating so that all learners feel included in their learning:

BBC Active - includes an extensive range of interactive resources based on BBC content, which support teaching and learning in primary and secondary schools, adult language learning and English language learning. In 2005 a joint venture was formed with Pearson to further develop these resources.


Poster challenge

Different ways to include and challenge learners


Differenitation Deviser

An interactive PowerPoint with some differentiation ideas.


Is Homework Deliberate Practice?

What's the homework for? This may be of interest to you.


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How can we change the focus of how we set homework?

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And Finally...Teaching and Body Language!

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Over to you!

Leeds SCITT hope you have found this newsletter helpful. If you would like to send your suggestions, ideas, videos, sharing of good practice to include in the next newsletter please let me know. There are still a limited number of amazon vouchers available for your contributions, so please email your ideas!

Have a great week and we look forward to hearing from you soon.