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by Ryan Hoyt

Michael Jordan's career

Michael Jordan had many similarities in his early and later life. He played baseball and basketball. He tried playing both sports because he enjoyed them. in his high school life he was good at baseball and liked to play it he felt like that was were he belonged. In his adult life he was still good at baseball and 3 home runs 57 hits for the minor league White sox. In his high school life he joined the junior basketball team he wasn't very good at first but later he got better. In Michael Jordan's adult life he was drafted to the bulls an NBA team, he won MVP 3 times, and was voted most valuable player in the NBA, he was the most decorated player in the NBA.

In Michael Jordan's life he has been through a lot but when he was in high school he was rejected by the varsity team and kicked on the junior varsity team. That gave him determination to try harder, later in high school the varsity team finally excepted him. After that he went into collage and then was drafted to the NBA and was the best player of his time.

there were many differences in Michael Jordan's high school life and his adult life. In Michael Jordan's high school life he was rejected from the varsity basketball team and was cut from the junior varsity basketball team. In his high school life he became better at baseball instead of basketball. In his adult life he was better at basketball and was voted most valuable player, and Michael Jordan was the most decorated player in the NBA.


September 29 1988- Kevin Durant was born. 2007- Kevin Durant was drafted to the NBA. 2006-2007 Kevin Durant went to the university of Austin Texas, was voted all American first team, player of the year, division one player of the year. 2008 all-rookie first NBA. 2008- voted rookie of the year. 2009- NBA rookie challenge MVP. 2010- Kevin Durant was the NBA scoring champion, all-NBA first team, and NBA all-star, world championship most valuable player, world championship gold medalist. 2011kevin Durant was the NBA scoring champion of the year, all-NBA first team, and NBA all-star. 2012-Olympic gold medalist, NBA all-star game MVP, NBA scoring champion, all-NBA first team, and NBA all-star. 2013-all NBA first team, NBA all-star. 2014-NBA scoring champion, all NBA first team, NBA all-star, NBA most valuable player. 2015-NBA all-star.
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Derrick Rose was playing a game against the 76ers in 2012 when he jumped up to make a shot and came down with a torn ACL. Derrick sat out for the entire year. Fans kept asking when derrick rose would come back from his injury, the fans started to get mad because derrick rose had been out for a long time. After a year of derrick rose being injured he started to come back, he tried to strengthen his ACL by practicing shooting so he could make up for the time he was out. Later that season he came back to play for the Bulls, and the fans were happy.


During a game on February 24 Wednesday against the Florida panthers Patrick Kane lost his balance after Alex Petouic slammed him into the sideboard the crash caused him to leave the game, he went into the locker room for an MRI. He came back out with a broken left collarbone. They say he will go through surgery. He had a successful surgery and will return in about 12 weeks, just in time for the playoffs. The effect on the team will be great. Kane is a great player and a top shooter for the Blackhawks he leads with 27 goals and 37 assists. Players will need to adjust their playing to pick up the slack from the Kane injury that caused Kane to be out. All the players will have to fill in the holes for Kane's absents.


Abraham Lincoln was born in February 12 1809 in Nolan creek Kentucky. Abraham Lincoln's education was amazing he was a self taught lawyer and legislator and had a great reputation. Abraham Lincoln had a great personality he was sometimes called honest Abe. He was forgiving, firm, and generous to others like his sons. In 1843 Abraham Lincoln was defeated for nomination for congress, in 1848 he lost the re-nomination,1849 he was rejected for land officer, in 1854 he was defeated for senate but Abraham Lincoln was combative through the whole thing. Abraham Lincoln later served a successful term for his political career until 1841, In 1836 he obtained a license to be an attorney. Abraham Lincoln was a very skilled president and attorney he was also a law partner. He was very into his education and was probably our most skilled and qualified president.

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