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Important Dates in October

September 30th- Popsicle Party

October 9th- Pick a classroom goal for October and get your poster to John

October 30th- Pumpkin Fun Celebration(schedule to come out soon)

September Celebration- Popsicle Party

Who? All classes who are CELEBRATING achieving September’s GOAL

When? Wednesday, September 30th (Schedule Below)

K 11:15-11:30

1 1:30-1:45

2 2:50-3:05

3 12:00-12:15 (Galliher, Hillman, Ireland)

OR 1:45-2:00 (Mann, Killinger, Deckard)

4 2-2:15 (after field trip)

*This will be the schedule in the front office. If you need

to change your scheduled time, just contact the office

and let them know.

Where? Outside Somewhere - Take Your Walkie

(The picnic area outside the art room could be good because classes may be on the playground.)

Pick Up Popsicles from the small freezer that will be in the "Recess Exit" Hallway by the Cafeteria. Please pick up a bag for trash (by freezer) on your way out.

Be sure to send home the pink informational letter today or tomorrow. If a parent contacts you about needing an alternate treat, please have there name ready and we will have alternative treats for them.

October's Character Trait- Organization!

October's character trait is Organization. Organization can range from keeping your desk neat to learning how to follow simple directions. It is a skill that our students must have when they leave this building and will serve them far in life! Think about goals with your classroom or with individual students that could help teach (or reteach!) this skill. Check out the video below made by GES student on how to clean out and organize a desk.
How to Clean a Desk

October Celebration- Pumpkin Fun!

Our October celebration will be held on Friday October 30th. Each classroom will get their own mini-pumpkin. What they do with that pumpkin is entirely up to each grade. On the 30th of October we will then send those pumpkins high and into the sky for a fun event for the whole school to be excited about. More details to come!

Optional PD- What about Behavior?

This session will discuss practical and simple ideas to help decrease unwanted behaviors and responses in your classroom! Techniques/ideas gained will be able to be utilized the next time you step foot in your room! Come, gain, and go!

Tues, Oct 27 @ 4:15 in the Board Room at Central Office. Sign up HERE

Survey- PBIS PD

We want to know what PD you would like to have that deals with PBIS. Do you struggle with students who shut down? What do you do with that student who can't stay focused? Let us know by taking 1 minute to fill out this survey.

Video of the Month

Every month I will send a favorite video that makes me laugh. It is good to laugh....especially when Harry Potter Raps.
Daniel Radcliffe Raps Blackalicious' "Alphabet Aerobics"

Have a great month!

Please don't hesitate to contact any member of the PBIS team with questions or concerns.

Your PBIS Team is:

Allison Tschuor- SLP

Rod Sutherlin- PE

Callie Mathers- School Psych

John Reynolds- Counselor

Christi Thomas- Principal

Ally Gamble- Kdg

Autumn Carter- 1st

Sharlee Friedle- 2nd

Susan Galliher- 3rd

Lacy Rose- 4th