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Who's better? Athens or Sparta?

The answer is obvious; Athens is! Would you rather live a life full of danger, and harshness, or a life full of success? I know what my answer is, success! Athens value anything that involves intellect and wit, people throughout the Mediterranean world enjoy their educational ways. If you want to become successful, choose Athens!

What's The Difference Between Athens and Sparta?

There is a lot of differences between Athens and Sparta. One of the biggest reasons is their government. Yes, they both had an assembly, but other than that, the government was different. Sparta was ruled by two kings, also known as a oligarchy, while Athens let the citizens vote on their decisions, which can also be called a democracy.

Their lives were different, too. Spartans lives were simple, their only focus was war and obedience. Young boys were trained to be warriors, and young girls were trained to be mothers of warriors.

Athenians lives were full of creativity. You got good education and could pursue of many kids of arts or sciences. Boys, could serve in the army or navy, business, or education. While girls must pursue another job.

That's only some of the differences between these two cities. There are many more besides these reasons.

Athens had an Olympics that was similar to ours.

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