Personality Type: True Colors Blue

by: Shane Ford

Overview of My Color

Summary: I can normally call my self a blue because I am that kinda guy that is peaceful flexible and imaginative. I'm a natural romantic person that likes to go on date's and watch movies with my family(when I get one). I am honest and caring I would not be that kind of dad that yells at his kids 24/7. I will contribute in helping my kids if they need help in doing stuff. I am going to be nurturer for my kids and make then better in life when they grow up.

Childhood of blue

One of my thing's I did not like was that I usually didn't get to play with anybody at recesses. Then the kids that played football they let me play because of how tall I got and I played really good and they like that so they let me people everyday day they could. My life during school was really hard because I usually screamed and cried all day every year of a new school year till 6th grade then I stooped. People tried to encourage me to do stuff when I was little and I couldn't. Everyone looked at me that I was sought recognition

In Relationships

If I every had a girlfriend I would take her out on dates and take her to the movies. I would like to take her on trips and try to be romantic with her. I would like to share my feelings and that she understands of what happened in my childhood. I would be warmth to her.

At work

When I get a job I would like to be that kinda guy that tells everyone what good job they are doing and tell them that what good life they will have. After I retire from my first job I would like to go to a college and teach students in a class. I would like to interact with my students like doing projects with them, go on field trips with them. I will motivate them to pass my class and help them out when they need it. I would do funny things with them so I can know what they like and what they do.

Leadership Styles

I would like to have a family when I get older and try to make my kids behave. I would like my kids to go to school and college and pass both of them and I hope they can get jobs. I would like them to go to a good college and start a good family when they get older. I would like to oriented my family. EX: Go outside and play with them, Play video games with them, Take them on vacation, Take them to a amusement park.

Symptoms of a Bad day

When I have a bad day I always day dream during school and loss my focus and my teachers get my attention and I go back to day dream. I once lied to one my teachers and I almost got into trouble. When I was little I used to screamed and cry all day. I always misbehaved in school so I usually got in trouble or got a detention. When I got depressed i always did not do work and just layed there and did nothing.

Thoughts about my color

My thoughts are that I really think I am a blue and I think them are some stuff that I would do. I think it is accurate and I will probably still be a blue or I will change when I get older. I am calm and I imagine thinks a lot and I am a sensitive one. I am not like a happy person always and not a quick tall person and I don't like to act in front a lot of people. My job I would like to be is a fancy place or a pro-wrestler. What might effect my job is that I would not be quick or I would have good ideas for show's. One bad thing would be that I would day dream during my matches.
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