January Guidance Newsletter

North Ridgeville Education Center

Welcome Back!

I'm so excited to be back at school! I hope you all had a relaxing break and survived the cold. The month of January is already flying by us. I have so much that I am looking forward to sharing with North Ridgeville Education Center. I am planning on coming into classrooms to talk about responsibility this month I will reading them a story called "Regina's Big Mistake" I will also be coming back toward the end of the month to talk about tattling vs. reporting. I will also be meeting with kids individually to talk about their feelings or whatever else might be bugging them. Please feel free to contact me if you have any concerns about your children. I would be happy to meet with them and help them in any way that I can.

Tattling vs. Reporting

Tattling vs. Reporting

After talking with many teachers around the building, it seems that tattling is a hot button issue with many students. Students love to tattle on other students. We're not sure if students are tattling because they just want to get other kids in trouble or if they truly believe that they are helping out. Either way, we need to address tattling as a whole. I will be coming into classrooms and reading from a book called, "Don't Squeal Unless it is a Big Deal." This book helps kids figure out the difference between Big Deals that need telling and kid-sized problems that kids can work out themselves.

Character of the Month


In following with our character of the month trait, I will be doing a classroom guidance lesson based on responsibility. It is very important for students to be responsible both at school and at home. At school, students need to be responsible for listening to their teachers' directions, following the school rules, doing their classwork, playing well with others, getting good grades, etc. At home, students also need to be responsible for listening to mom and dad or grandma and grandpa and being kind to brothers and sisters. Kids should also be helping around the house with chores like cleaning up their rooms, taking out the garbage, washing the dishes, etc. Finally, kids need to be responsible for getting themselves out of bed in the morning, getting ready for school, eating a nutritious breakfast, and coming to school ready to learn and have a great day! I also love sharing the youtube video with students called "Responsibility Rap."