Water Bottles = Breast Cancer!

Do you really know what your drinking ?

Chemical Explosure in Plastic

I'm betting everyday you see plastic products. According to research, the chemicals inside if scratched or heated can leak certain harmful chemicals. Bisphenol A (BPA) can cause cancer in people at certain levels of exposure.

What's BPA?

BPA is a synthetic estrogen. If disrupted, it can affect how estrogen and other hormones work in your body. Most women stay away from chemicals that act like estrogen because it can make hormone-receptor positive breast cancer develop at an increasing rate.

Water Bottles CAN affect your daughters.

A study in 2011 , showed pregnant women having high levels of BPA urine were more likely to have daughters who express signs of hyperactivity , anxiety , and depression in girls as young as 3. Scientists are unable to figure why boys aren't affected.

Solutions to prevent Breast Cancer

  • carry your own filtered tap water in a glass ,steel, or ceramic water bottle
  • reduce how much canned food and baby formula you use
  • " BPA free " baby bottles
  • carefully inspect carbonless copy cash register receipts
  • Don't cook your food in equipment such as plastic containers/roasting/steaming bags.
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