About Ancient Egypt

Information about the early kingdoms

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Living in Egypt

The civilization started to develop about 5,000 years ago. That's a long time! The Nile river was called the" super highway" because ships traveled on it and it flowed from one side of the country to the other.

They believed in many different gods

There was Ra, the sun god, Horus, the god of heaven, Isis, the god of women, Osirus, god of the dead, Anubus, Set, Bastet and many more! There were over two thousand of them, each with his or her own special power. Even crazier, the pharaoh was believed to be the son of the sun god, Ra!

Here are 3 parts of the Egyptian social pyramid

Come on, you know that you are interested in Egypt!

They learned some of the same things we learn today!

They learned math, writing, and kept a written record. Math was especially important for them to build pyramids; which would help them with how many bricks they needed for the pyramids. They even made paper out of the papyrus, agreed plant.