Religions and their rituals!


Taoist funerals use colors such as white, black, brown, and blue. Right after dying the body is cleaned with a damp towel and talcum powder. The face is then covered in yellow and the body is covered in blue before being placed in their coffin. They believe that is is bad luck for those attending the funeral to watch as the coffin is being sealed and also when the coffin is being lowered into the ground. The priest chants Taoist scripture over the body and the mourners have to grieve as loudly as they can. Your loved one will be transformed in the after life.


If you choose Christianity then the funeral will be simple and elegant. The priest will pray and choose readings from the Bible to say. Then anyone can say a few words about your loved one. There is a small reflection period.
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If you choose Islam your loved one will never be embalmed. They are wrapped up in a white cloth and then given a special prayer. The body will then be buried as soon as possible.
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