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Week of Feb. 1-5

From Stacy and Carol

Our first fun Friday in February was so much fun! What will our Fun Friday be next week???? I guess you'll have to wait and see. :)

Teacher Money

Teacher and student supply money must be spent by March 1. Receipts are also due at that time. If you are ordering from a catalog, items must be received by March 1. You can check the google spreadsheet to check for how much you have left.

Teacher with Heart

CTA is sponsoring Teacher with Heart for 2016! Nominations and information can be found at the following link

Pop Tab Competition

K-Kid's Pop Tab Committee is sponsoring the

Pop Tab Extravaganza

January 19th - April 19th

Please remind students/parents in your newsletters about collecting pop tabs!

Little House on the Prairie

See the video below of two awesome ES students becoming their own Little House on the Prairie! If your students are doing incredible things with the book, please make sure and share!

Chili Cook-Off

The Chili Cook-Off date has been rescheduled for February 25th!

Power Panthers

Cabot Panther Foundation is sponsoring Power Panthers for 3rd and 4th graders in our district at the basketball game.

Our Power Panthers that will be recognized on Friday are

Abigail Hann

Trinity Trudeau

Riley Moore

Candace Troy

Please let them know how proud we are of them when you see them!

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Classroom Teachers

Valentines Deliveries

FYI in case parents ask you----According to our handbook policy, balloons are not to be delivered to school and flowers in glass vases may not be sent home on the school bus.

Science Kits

Please take your science kits to Holly Woodruff's math intervention room (Room 505) and put them on the back counter by the bathroom. We can also stack in front of that counter. If you think you will need something from the kit for this year, you may keep it. If you are using something from the kit for math, you are welcome to keep it as well.

Mrs. Egg is coming over on Friday, February 26th to sort the things we will need for next year and clean out the rest!!!

Embedded on Tuesday during plan time

Embedded will be on Tuesday during your plan time


2/9 - Embedded

Spring pictures

2/10 - Happy Birthday Laura Newman!

2/12- Valentine's Parties/February Birthdays

2/15- School in Session

2/17- 3rd grade ASPIRE technology trial at 8:30

2/18- 4th grade ASPIRE technology trial at 8:30

3rd grade ASPIRE training at CTAT 4101

2/20 - Happy Birthday Coach Lisa Park!

2/22- Tutoring begins

4th Grade ASPIRE Training at CTAT

2/23 - Happy Birthday Amanda Cross!

2/25 - Chili Cook-Off

2/28 - Happy Birthday Dawn Jackson!

Happy Birthday DeeDee Woodiel!

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