You Woz m8

Too cheeky for IBM

Where was he born m8?

He was born August 11, 1950 in San Jose California

Where did he attend university?

He went to the university of California ,Berkley

Steve Wozniak

What was this persons career m8?

He was too cheeky for his degree in electrical engineering as he built computers and co-founded Apple electronics.

This isn't Filler the, wozactuallymay be Gabe Newell

Due to him being slightly overweight and once a head of a popular tech company I believe they may be the same person.

What did this m8 invent?

He innovated the home computer. He also innovated how their made by creating RAM

If Woz/Gabe never existed

The making of the home computer would come much later and the mouse would come a lot l8ter.

What was this persons family like?

He had a polish father named Jacob Francis and his English mother Margaret Elaine. He grew up in a average household.

What early experiences did this m8 have?

He first did business with Atari and partnered with Steve Jobs

What problems did he overcome?

He overcame the high cost of getting into the tech industry

Many questions answered

He is currently living. The home computer would not have come to life as fast as it did without Steve innovating the usability of the computer