By: Erian, Matthew, and Mon

When did the protest begin? Started In December, 18, 2010

What were/are people protesting?

it was protesting many things, but mainly the lack of progress and people have been getting mad for the high unemployment.

How did the government respond? Zen el Abidine Ben Ali the president of Tunisia response was that compared to other countries that are very succeful.

What has been the result?

Their was a re election for a new goverment. And the president promised 300,000 new jobs. But it was too late and the people were so mad the forced the president and his family to stay in Saudi Arabia

What is happening in Tunisia now? National Guard storms suspected militant hideout in Tunis, killing seven militants. Editorial warns Egypt is on verge of enacting Constitution that would legitimize 2013 coup and enable authoritarian rule by giving power and immunity to military; Tunisia is set to approve one of most liberal constitutions in Arab world

What has the postion of the US been? They supported and help set up the democracy and kept it going so it wouldn't shut down

How would you characterize what has happened in your country? Would you call it a revolution?

It's a revolution because there where many people trying to help and not let the democracy get thrown out and supporting the elections.