Tractor Safety

Tractor Accident

A 15 year old girl of Itacosa was killed in an accident when she was driving her father's tractor. A 65 year old man of Westbury was driving pickup truck went he crashed into the tractor. He said that there was no lights or SMV sign. The tractor flipped and trapped her under the tire where she died.

Ten Tips

- Have a roll-over protective structure (ROPS) fitted with a seatbelt

- Have a fall-on protective structure (FOPS) fitted

- Ear protection

- Never carry passengers

- Travel at slow speeds to keep control of the tractor

- Go up a steep hill backwards

- Never mount or dismount a moving tractor

- Make sure the PTO is guarded

- Don't wear loose clothing around equipment

- Have working lights and SMV symbol on your tractor