Canada 2060

What will Canada look and be like in 2060?



What will Canada look like in 2060? How will the population change, the immigration laws and the amount of people immigrating to Canada? What about our birth rate and death rate, the demography of Canada, the challenges the country might face and over time how the First Nations community will be affected.

Demographic, First Nations and Immigration situations 2015


Birth rate, death rate, natural increase and population our all part of Canada's demographic.

  • The current Population in Canada is around 35,749,600.
  • The current birth rate is around 10.28 per 1000 births per woman.
  • The death rate is around 8.31 deaths per 1000 of the population.


Many people from all around the world immigrate to Canada. When it comes to immigration we accept almost everyone as long as the meet the basic requirements. Canada has a good reputation when it comes to immigration. Around 250,000 people immigrate to Canada every year.


There are around 617 First Nations communities in Canada. The lives of the FNMI people have changed over the years. Though, they are still discriminated against. There are a mix of Status and Non status Indians through out Canada. The Indian Act is still being used and continued, though some would like to stop it because it isn't fair.

Canada's Immigration Situation 2060

By 2060 many things would have changed in Canada. Lets start with Immigration. If immigration laws and rules stay the same as the are now, by 2060 most of Canada's population will be made up of immigrants. Canada should move up in the ranks for immigration due to the amount of people who choose to immigrate to Canada as well as how we will grow as a country. This is already starting to happen. Since the 1910's the amount of people immigrating to Canada began to grow and then stabilized, but is continuing to grow again.

The graph below shows Canada's immigration growth up to the 1990's. Because it was already growing and is starting to grow even more we can predict for sure that the future for Canada's immigration looks bright.

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Canada's Demographic Situation 2060

As for Canada's demographic situation, there are expected to be many changes by 2060.

Birth Rate

By 2060 Canada's birth rate is expected to increase. We can predict this will happen because of the population growth. This all will come back to the increase of immigration. Because there will be many more people living in Canada, more babies will most likely be born causing the birth rate to go up.

The graph below shows the change in birth rate from 1988-2008. As you can see it dropped but began to grow again.

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Death Rate

As for the death rate, I predict it will decrease in 2060. In the future with technology the health care will obviously get better. The current generation and upcoming generation will have a longer life span which means a low death rate in 2060.

What about the natural increase?

What does this mean for the natural increase? Because the birth late will grow and the death rate will decrease we can expect a lower natural increase in 2060.

Population and population growth

The next 45 years will have a huge impact on our population and population growth. Our population is expected to grow by almost 10 million. In 2056 the population is predicted to be at 42.5 million. The population began to grow by a few million but between 1901 to 1945, even though the world wars were happening our population grew. This was because of the baby boom that happened in the 1940's. From 1946 to 2006 the population went from 12.3 million to 32.6 million. Now that Canada has very strong immigration the population is expected to grow a lot by 2060.

The graph below shows how the population is expected to grow from 2010 all the way to 2060. It also shows that most of the population will be taken up by people from the age of 20-64.

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FNMI People Situation 2060

In 2060 i believe the FNMI people will have a better life then they do now.

The Indian Act

The Indian Act is something that is dividing the line between any other person living in Canada and the FNMI people. The Indian Act is a government program that pertains to Indian status, band and reserves. It can even define who qualify as an Indian and who doesn't. Wab Kinew, a CBC Radio and TV specialist feels strongly about this topic. He and many other FNMI people want to put a stop to the Indian Act, because of how unfair and horrible it is to their people and culture. I think by 2060 the Indian Act may be stopped because of how badly it will do and how many people want to get rid of it.

The video below explain the Indian Act more in depth.

Shareable Facts: The Indian Act explained

Canada 2060

There you have it, a prediction of what Canada will look like in 2060. How our population will change, our birth rate, death rate and natural increase. How the lives of the FNMI people might change, and how immigration will make an impact on our demographic situations. Canada may be in for a lot of changes in the next 45 years!