Encouraging Creative Writing

What are Ways to Encourage Creative Writing in Students?

Dear Reader,

From recent observations, I have realized students are losing their creativity in the classroom. I would like to attribute this to technology and the generation they belong to, but I know placing blame is not the solution. It is up to teachers like us to inspire our students to use their imagination and bring creativity back to the classroom. One way we can accomplish this is through writing. I spent time researching ways to encourage creative writing in students, and I was amazed by what I found. There are endless articles and lesson plans about methods and techniques to spark an interest in creative writing. Many researchers explained that students need options and encouragement to open up. Showing students examples and providing lists of ideas will help them to feel more comfortable being creative in the classroom. Just like anything else you learn to do, practice makes perfect. Students need to practice creative writing or they will learn to hate it. Once children learn to be creative in their writing, their creativity will begin to show in other content areas.

As I researched this topic, I was overwhelmed by the amount of information I was able to find about creative writing. Many teachers, librarians, and other professionals have published their ideas as they share with us their success stories. I am encouraged to implement their strategies in my (future) classroom to motivate my students to write creatively. I understand creative writing is not something students are tested on. I believe if students are given creative writing assignments, then they will begin to enjoy writing which will make other assignments easier for them.

I have put together a collection of examples and resources to encourage creative writing in students. The site is a great tool for teachers to motivate creative writing, and students to get ideas about what to write. There are more options than what I have provided here, but these can be used as a jumping off point. I think students are reluctant to start writing because they think their work has to be serious and lengthy. On my site, I display different types of creative writing that are simple, fun, and based on personal interests. Creative writing can be an easy and exciting task because you get to write about what you know and like. I think if teachers encouraged more entertaining writing activities for their students, then kids would enjoy creative writing. I hope this collection is beneficial to you, and I wish you luck encouraging creative writing with your students!

Short Pieces

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ABC's of Creative Writing

A Autobiography

B Brochure

C Critique

D Debate

E Encyclopedia article

F Fantasy

G Greeting card

H How-to

I Invitation

J Journal entry

K Key word poem

L Lyrics

M Menu

N Non-fiction

O Once upon a time...

P Postcard

Q Question

R Recipe

S Science fiction

T Thank you note

U Untold story of…

V Valentine

W Website

X X-treme sports article

Y Yahoo web page

Z Zombie warning

Preposition Poem

Across the room

Above the table

Next to the whiteboard

Beneath the flag

Besides the bookshelf

In front of the classroom

Opposite the sink

Under the projector

Behind the paper

With the colored pens and pencils

For student to get ideas

Of what to write

Long Pieces


You are creative

You don’t have to be scared or

Nervous to begin

Pick up your pencil

And open your journal and

Select a topic

Cards, journals, or lists

Options are unlimited

Let your mind wander

Write what comes to mind

Perfection isn’t needed

Practice makes perfect

Revise and edit

Changing and fixing your work

To make it better

Creative writing

Express yourself through words and


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Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess named Madeleine. She lived in a giant castle in the kingdom of Pinktopia with her loving parents and her pet dragon, Smokey. Princess Madeleine loved Smokey and would play with him all day long since she had no brothers or sisters. They played tag in the ballroom, hide and seek in the garden, dolls in her chambers, and tea party in the dining room. Smokey loved the chocolate chip brownies Princess Madeleine would serve at her tea parties, and he could eat a whole plate in one sitting.

One day, Princess Madeleine and Smokey went with her mothers First Lady in Waiting, Isabelle, to the flower market. Princess Madeleine grew impatient while Isabelle waited for the Queen’s bouquets to be assembled, and decided to play hide and seek with Smokey. She covered her eyes and counted to 20 while Smokey flew off to find a good hiding place. He wandered through the rows of daisies and roses, sunflowers and lilies, all so brightly colored and beautiful. One row turned into another, and suddenly the aisles of flowers turned to fruit, then the fruit turned to jewelry. Smokey had been so distracted, he flew out of the flower market! Smokey did not know what to do, so he kept flying to find his way back to his best friend.

Back in the flower market, Princess Madeleine had searched high and low for her sweet dragon, but he was nowhere to be found. Isabelle told her it was time to return to the castle, but the princess would not leave without her pet. Isabelle ensured her that Smokey knew they way back to the castle and would meet them there. Princess Madeleine took one last look around and pushed her hands into the pockets of her dress. To her surprise, Princess Madeleine’s hand touched something soft, and she pulled out a chocolate chip brownie. She remembered putting one in her pocket before their morning tea so she was sure to have a least one brownie before Smokey devoured them all. Just then, she got a wonderful idea. As Princess Madeleine walked beside Isabelle back to the castle, she began leaving little pieces of the chocolate chip brownie on the road as a trail for Smokey to follow. She had just enough pieces to get to the drawbridge, but she knew Smokey would be safe from there.

Princess Madeleine went to her room and stared out the window, waiting for her best friend to return. She waited for what seemed like hours, trying to distract herself with dolls and pastries. Finally, as the sun was starting to set, Princess Madeleine saw a tiny figure hovering up the path to the castle doors. It was Smokey! She dashed out of her room and to the front of the castle where she met Smokey and gave him the biggest hug. He had chocolate all over his face and the princess giggled and knew Smokey had found her trail. Princess Madeleine kissed the top of her dragon’s head and promised to never play hide and seek at the market again. Princess Madeleine and Smokey walked into the castle and straight towards the kitchen to get a fresh plate of chocolate chip brownies.

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