One choice can transform you

Written By Veronica Roth

Publisher by HarperCollins

ISBN number - 9780062084323

Genre - Science Fiction


Goodreads Choice Awards Best Young Adult Fantasy and Science fiction

Goodreads Choice Awards Favorite Book


Divergent is is set in a dystopian society. They are broken up in to five factions. These factions are how they must live the rest of there life and be nothing else but how there faction acts and treats others. Thy take a test to determine what faction they belong in but they also have the choice to move to a different faction but once they do they can't leave.

The story line of this book is very well written and you can really feel all the emotions that they feel in the story. I think that the author put some things in the book that were not necessary and didn't make since at the time. I highly recommend this book for young adult readers. If you do not like science fiction books I would suggest this book because while it is technically science fiction it reads like a realistic fiction genre.

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Ferris Wheel broke down! In the book there is a old Ferris Wheel they climb to get a better look at things

Some places are close to being dystopian.

Many people get tattoos to represent something special to them. They are also used that way this book.

People usually have symbols of there life. Like for Christians there is the cross!

There is something that always inspires a book.

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