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Why Did Bruno Mars Right The Song Treasure??

Despite his mother's tragic death a couple short weeks ago, the seductive singer got back to business to perform his catchy hitTreasure on The Voice Tuesday night.

And believe us when we say, if Bruno was a treasure chest we'd unlock that key and swim in his gold ALLLLLL day. LOLz!!

Is their any stage he CAN'T dominate???!

What an eargasmic way for the singing competition to end the season!

Ch-ch-check out the AH-mazing performance (above)!!!

Justin Beiber Makes Fans Do Illegal STUFF!!!!!!

Justin Bieber was apparently too tied up on Saturday night to check out the Ultimate Fighting Championship in Las Vegas. In an effort to catch up on the night's events, the always-resourceful pop star turned to a medium that comes naturally to him, Twitter. Bieber asked his fans to send him footage of the fight before it had even ended.

Dana White, the head of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, put the tech-savvy pop star in his place and tweeted his own anti-piracy response, reminding Bieber that he could wait for the Pay Per View package.

Bieber has never been shy about asking for favors from his 40 million Twitter followers, and has his fair share of meltdowns on the site. It's unclear if Bieber ever got to see a pirated version of the fight, but with over 55,000 retweets there's probably a good chance one Belieber sent him some grainy footage.

Treasure - Bruno Mars (Lyric Video)

Taylor Swift And Ed Sheeran Have A Sleepover!?!?!?!?!

A week after Taylor Swift was rumored to have a new British love interest, come rumors there's yet another new man in her life.

E! News reports that Swift and singer Ed Sheeran spent most of the night together in her London hotel room on Feb. 19. Sources told the website that the 23-year-old superstar invited Sheeran, with whom she collaborated on her song "Everything Has Changed," to her hotel room, where the two stayed, until 4 a.m.

Another source told the website that Taylor and Ed "briefly dated last spring," and he thinks she is really cute and they have a great chemistry together."

When the two could have possibly dated is unknown, but when it comes to Swift there seem to be different rumors that she's dating someone new each week -- even if she was just spotted having dinner with them.

Of course spending most of the night at someone's hotel room is different, but since Sheeran is currently on tour with Swift and they collaborated together in the past, it's more than possible they were working on music -- or just hanging out as friends.

Like If The Minions Who Sing banana song should get a album!!!

and new crazy hit song as just come out called the banana/potato song from dispicable me 2 like if you think they should make more funny,crazy,pee your pants with laughter videos with a new album WHOS WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????????????

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Beneath Your Beautiful - Labrinth ft. Emeli Sandé (Lyric video)
Minions Singing Banana song
Icona Pop: (I Dont Care,I Love It)
BassHunter-Now Your Gone