The swinging sixties

By-Kennedy Tremaine


The swinging sixties began on January 1st,1960 to December 31st, 1969. During the sixties the Cold War was going on the whole decade!!! Originally though it lasted 45 years. Assassinations also occured like John F. Kennedys on November 2nd, 1963 and Martin Luther King Jr. On April 4th, 1968. Natural disasters also happens like the vadivia earthquake in 1960. Now onto the not so stressful stuff. Pop and rock music was very popular in the 60s one artist name Elvis Presley or the king of rock 'n' roll was very popular in the 60s along with the Beatles. some songs they wrote word was now or never never by Elvis Presley and twist and shout by the Beatles. fashion in the 60s was horrifying . It consisted of hippie like clothing, bright colors, mirror like clothing, many dresses and shorts

Skirts, and tye dye.

Stuff about the 60'S

Impact on society

  • "1960s fashion was unlike any other decade because the clothing was as revolutionary and fast-moving as the era’s sweeping social, political and cultural changes."
  • The fashion of the 1960s influenced people to become actresses and famous.
  • Music also influenced there society mostly young people though." One day a bunch of young adults went to the Woodstock music festival in nineteen sixty-nine to show people how talented they were and to tell there history of inspiration"
  • These things helped society grow and influenced rock artist and pop artist. Many people came to watch musicians every day and this also influenced the fashion era. Today music is still playing today especially rock and pop.

FIVE Fun facts 12345...

  • The word swag was invented in the 1960s
  • Gogo boots were very popular
  • "The most popular tv was a toshiba"
  • There were 3 Olympics held during the sixties
  • "A Volkswagen Beetle on costed $1769 now it cost $19,565"


  • The book " The outsiders" influenced my topic because it is based in the sixties where they show the style, artitecture, music, and technology.


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