Brushy Creek Trail Crisis

People are changing 2.5 miles of the trail to energy towers

Save our trail

Round rock has been building and building many things so now we are running out of power. Round rock is planning to transfer energy from Leander to them but there is one problem. They have to put huge energy towers in our beloved Brushy Creek Trail. If the height of the tower is 140 feet then 23 six foot men would be able to stack on on top of each other.

If you do the math

1. In the 2.5 mile they are going to put 10 big energy towers in the space of our wonderful trail. 2. The distance of 2.5 mile would take about 2640 of me when i'm about 5 feet. 3.There are about 79200 rulers in all of the connected trails, 4. and we would lose 1,320,000 square feet of vegetation. 5. The height of the tower is equivalent to 23 1/3 6 foot men.

If you do the math work equations

1.N= Number of towers N= 1320*10

2. E= Amount of Ethan E=13200/5

3.R=Amount of Ruler R= 15 Miles/1 foot

4.V= Amount of vegetation R=13200*100

5.M= Amount of men H= Height of tower M=H/6

Alternative Route

My proposed route is very short and goes near a small amount of houses. It goes to G3 then to C3 to X2 then U2 then T2, D2, T1, L1, M1, G1, HI, F, and finally *. I tried to make it the least complicated as I could and as short as I could to make it easy to build the energy towers. The amount of miles is about 14 miles.