Beattie 2nd Grade Newsletter

February 2015

What Your Student Is Learning

Reading/Word Work:


* ou-ow

* oy-oi

* oo, u_e, ew, ue, ui

Reading Comprehension:

* point of view-- how the character sees things, and what the character thinks

* theme-- the main message or lesson in a story

* summarize--using your own words to tell the important events

* sequence-- the order of events

Vocabulary Strategies:

* suffixes

* idioms

* synonyms


* animal research


* counting money

* basic addition and subtraction math facts up to 20

* addition with regrouping

* subtraction with ungrouping

Integrated Studies:

* science- weather

* social studies- we the history makers

* health- my plate

Upcoming Events

February 2nd-9th Scholastic Book Fair

February 9th- PTO meeting (6:30-7:30)

February 11th and 12th- Unit 4 Reading Exam

February 12th- Beattie Skate Night (6:00-8:00pm)

February 13th- 2nd Grade Valentine's Party (2:00-2:45)

February 24th- PLC Day, Students Dismissed at 1:33

February 26th Chorus Concert (7:00pm)