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Ross Recreation Summer Camp has seen three years of Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado. Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado spent his summers from 2005-2008 working as a camp counselor for the sports camps there. Being a camp counselor was a perfect opportunity for Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado to combine his love of fitness and his enthusiasm for working with kids into one complete package. Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado especially loved the Top Gun Sports Summer Camp.

Sam Gray Boulder Colorado: Walking Tours

Sam Gray of Boulder Colorado enjoys showing off his hometown. The 2013 graduate of the University of Colorado hasn't had the chance to do that in a while, because he is living and working in the Dominican Republic as part of a two-year commitment to the Peace Corps.

But when he is in town and showing his city off, he recommends walking tours. That way, visitors get an up-close-and-personal look at the city's many sites that they would probably miss if they were driving around in a car. He thinks a great place to star is at his alma mater, the University of Colorado, because it has so much to offer: from spectacular views of the Flatirons to inspired architecture, he says the CU campus is not to be missed.

From there he says it's not too much of a stroll to head toward the downtown Boulder area, where visitors are invariably charmed by the Pearl Street pedestrian mall. This, he explains, is a four block part of town that is closed off to traffic and lined with locally owned businesses and national chain stores and restaurants. It is also a place to catch some entertaining street performers, from jugglers to musicians to balloon artists, to other unique and hard to classify acts. Many of the street performers are there doing their thing almost year-round, although Sam Gray of Boulder Colorado says that the best time to see them is during the summer months.

Unless everyone has a bike, Sam Gray of Boulder Colorado reluctantly suggests getting in a car to check out Chautauqua Park. It is a National Historic Landmark and the only continuously operating Chautauqua west of the Mississippi River. Situated at the base of the Flatirons, Chautauqua features hiking trails and sweeping views of the city to the East, and he says that it is not to be missed,

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado Seeks New Adventures

The world is a vast and complicated place, though an abundance of opportunity and adventure is available to those seeking a broader worldview and experience. Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado, an adventurer, volunteer and college graduate, is always in pursuit of a new experience and/or adventure, something that helps to keep life fresh, interesting and that presents a new and exciting challenge.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado now enjoys the opportunity to not only participate in a life-changing adventure, but to also help people in dire need of support. A recently accepted volunteer with the Peace Corps organization, Sam Gray of Boulder now has the chance to explore a completely new climate and culture, immersing himself in the wonderful and interesting landscape of the Dominican Republic.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado is certainly no stranger to the prospects or opportunities of adventure. A long-time resident of Boulder, Colorado, Sam Gray has had access to some of the most scenic, physically challenging and exciting adventure opportunities on the planet, all of them only an arms-reach away in the majestic Rocky Mountains. The opportunities to raft, ski, fish, camp and more have been close to him for years, providing both him and his colleagues the chance to immerse themselves in adventure and excitement.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado, an optimistic, helpful and dedicated volunteer, hopes to experience that sense of accomplishment that comes from making a substantial difference in someone’s life. He is well on his way to leaving a positive, lasting and indelible mark on the Dominican people.

Learn more about Sam Gray’s work in the Dominican Republic at

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado Approaches Life with Enthusiasm

A positive and upbeat approach to life can open doors of opportunity and experience an individual may have never thought possible. Optimistic and enthusiastic, Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado constantly maintains a positive and upbeat outlook, approaching each new task, responsibility and adventure with with a positive attitude and the will to overcome any hurdle set in front of him.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado took on the challenges of two majors during his student tenure at the University of Colorado, overcoming obstacles and meeting deadlines with the attitude needed to reach his objectives and become a successful college graduate. Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado understands that positive attitudes are just as infectious as negative ones, which is why he treats everyone with the kindness, courtesy and respect they deserve. His desire is to make a positive and lasting impression on not only family and friends, but also coworkers, colleagues and even complete strangers.

It is this positive and upbeat approach that led to his involvement in the Peace Corps, an organization designed at providing communities throughout the world with the support they need to achieve healthier and happier lives. Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado takes on his volunteer responsibilities with zeal, seeing everything through to completion with a genuine interest in people and the many lives he has the opportunity to impact.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado is enthusiastic about life, and about pursuing new adventures and immersing himself in new experiences. Being of service to people, as he believes, is what life is all about.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado: Counseling an Amazing Experience

Serving as a Camp Counselor was an amazing opportunity for Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado, who enjoyed the chance to share not only his love of athletics and competition with local youths, but to also be a mentor and guide for those in such a crucial stage of young adulthood.

A Camp Counselor at the Ross Recreation Summer Camps for three years in a row, Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado spent his free time enjoying the many benefits of mentorship, including the opportunity to work one-on-one with many eager and enthusiastic young people in order to develop their athletic skills, their understanding of sportsmanship and teamwork, and to encourage and inspire kids to take advantage of any opportunity they have to be physically-active.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado, now a volunteer with the Peace Corps, found his experience as a camp counselor to be eye-opening, showing him not only the importance of communication, but also how to effectively instruct and impact the lives of young people. His experience at the camp, combined with his recently earned ESL Certification, should prove useful throughout his life, allowing him to better connect with students around the globe.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado has a great time at the summer camp, and was able to not only work with young people, but to also enjoy the benefits of swimming, flag football, indoor skydiving and more. He was able to effectively develop both his communications and leadership skills while at the camp, which should prove to be very useful throughout his career.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado: Providing Help Through Faith

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado is a man of faith, and has demonstrated that faith on numerous occasions. Formerly a participant on church mission trips, he has expressed his faith through the help and support he has provided to others in critical and/or emergency situations, giving of himself to help others in dire need of assistance.

Tragedy can affect anyone at any time, and often times a person’s faith can become tested, even pushed to the limits. Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado understands how trying personal tragedy, no matter the size or scope, can be for an individual, which is why he has worked to restore people’s faith through heartfelt conversation, volunteering and much-needed emergency support. His trip to New Orleans following the Hurricane Katrina disaster allowed him to not only share his love of God with others, but to also show them that help and support is always available during times of crisis.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado has carried the message of strength and faith to numerous people struggling to cope with crisis and tragedy. The work he performed during the Katrina crisis, as well as during his mission to Chicago, was of great benefit to many people, helping to not only restore their faith in God, but also in humanity. Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado now takes the lessons of his faith to the impoverished regions of the Dominican Republic through his membership in the Peace Corps, providing support to those in dire need of a friendly and helping hand.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado: Time Management Key to Academic Success

Formerly a student at the University of Colorado, Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado has obtained a deep appreciation of time management, the ability to effectively manage the tasks, activities and events surrounding a college-level education. As a double major, Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado was forced to adhere to a well-kept and organized schedule, something that allowed him to effectively prioritize his tasks and achieve eventual academic success.

Taking the time to create a schedule or calendar, says Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado, is crucial to a student’s ability to balance workload, meet deadlines and make it through each class successfully. An effective time manager is aware of not only the due dates on papers and the study times needed for exam preparation, but also the many other obligations that commonly go with a rigorous class schedule. Though it took Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado a little while to create an effective and efficient schedule, the effort proved to be highly beneficial, helping to smooth out certain roadblocks and reducing the stress of a challenging time in his life.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado managed his time with skill, allowing him to pursue to different academic programs simultaneously while eventually reaching his goal of two Bachelor degrees. His schedule provided him information on the right times to study, the deadlines for research papers, meeting times with colleagues, etc.

Success at the university level, as Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado understands, is never an easy or simple undertaking. Diligence, persistence and time management are all at the core of a successful academic career, ensuring a student get as much benefit out of a college education as possible.

The Image of a Professional: Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado has worked hard to develop the many facets involved in maintaining a professional image and attitude. One of the most important aspects of professionalism is your online persona. It is not enough to merely dress and behave professionally in person. With close to the majority of business communication and interaction happening online in today’s world, oftentimes your online persona is an employer’s or business partner’s first and primary impression of your character.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado maintains a professional Facebook account. Since his name is easily searchable, it is important for Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado to ensure that his Facebook account reflects his professionalism in real life. He is happy to post details about his personal life on Facebook, or photos of his recent sailing trip, but he makes sure to keep everything polished and appropriate.

Additionally, Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado carries that professional persona over to his online communication. Using proper grammar and spelling in online correspondence goes a long way toward communicating the professionalism of a person. Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado is careful not to slip into “chatspeak” or anything else too overly casual when he is sending emails to his co-workers or bosses, or in any other form of formal correspondence.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado feels that his commitment to maintaining a professional image both offline and on has played a crucial role in obtaining him many of the opportunities and successes he has enjoyed so far.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado on the Importance Practical and Academic Experience in Finance

While many recent college graduates enter the job pool with nothing but their academic experience to speak for them, Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado has made sure to flesh out his resume with a breadth of both academic and professional experience.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado built his foundation in finance on a Double Major in Economics and International Affairs from the University of Colorado, Boulder, which he completed in May of 2013. Combining Economics with International Affairs allowed Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado to find real world applicability for his studies in economics.

Beyond the focus of his majors, Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado spent his summers interning at a global investment management firm at its offices around the country. These internships gave Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado the opportunity to put his education into action, as well as to learn from real professionals on the cutting edge of the finance field.

Finally, having just graduated with his Bachelor’s, Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado is plunging right into the practical application of international economics. Taking his recent certification to teach English as a second language, Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado is set for deployment with the Peace Corps. He will be working with their Community Economic Development section, an opportunity to gain real world experience into how economics functions and its crucial role in community development. Following his return from his term with the Peace Corps, Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado will truly have a worldly resume from which to kickstart his career in the finance world.

Developing a Good Work Ethic: Thoughts from Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado

One of the most important aspects of creating a professional profile is developing a strong work ethic. Without a strong work ethic, employees will find it difficult to get ahead. Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado understands that there is more to having a good work ethic than simply doing your work. It takes a commitment to professionalism, responsibility, and quality effort.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado knows that work ethic starts with appearances. Being committed to doing a good job means being committed to the image associated with that. Being clean cut and appearing professional communicates that a person has the personal commitment to his or her own image, and that personal commitment translates to a similar commitment to the job.

Responsibility works in much the same way. For Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado, responsibility starts at home. Keeping his own life in order is just as important to Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado as maintaining work responsibilities. Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado feels that if he can demonstrate his dedication to responsibility and personal accountability, both in the office and out, employers will readily see that his work ethic produces results.

Finally, Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado always makes sure to give quality work. It is not enough to simply do the job – having a strong work ethic means a commitment to doing the job well. Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado knows the importance of making sure you have the tools you need to accomplish an assignment, and reviewing your work to ensure quality and accuracy.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado’s Experiences Working Around the Country

With today’s highly competitive job market, it is often difficult to find employment opportunities in a person’s current town or city. Often, it becomes necessary to look across the state or even the country to find work. This is true for Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado, who counts himself lucky that he has managed to experience so many different work environments already.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado worked hard to develop his professional portfolio early, and spent his college summers interning at a major investment management firm with offices across the country. His first internship took him to the office in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. There, he worked on equity and foreign exchange trading on the Global Trading Desk. The next summer found Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado working with the Floating Rate Debt Group in San Mateo, California, at the headquarters for the global investment management firm. Most recently, he traveled to New Jersey, where he worked with the long tenured and well respected Value Equity team.

These broad-reaching experiences have opened up Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado not only to a wide variety of networks and connections, but also to a competitive understanding of how investment firms across the nation function. He got a flavor of a diversity of working styles and interests, and feels better prepared than ever to launch into his own career path. Moreover, this extensive travel experience has given Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado an opportunity to see more of the world than he might have otherwise had, a pattern he plans to continue throughout his career.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado Stays Active During the Summers

It can be tempting to spend summers off of school lazing about in the sun, but a fantastic way to counteract that is to get a job working with kids. Even better, work as a camp counselor for a kids’ sports camp. Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado loved the energy of working at a summer camp, and finds it to be a great way to pass the long summer hours.

Especially since Ross Recreation Summer Camps are so fitness oriented, Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado really got an opportunity to move around and have a lot of fun with the kids while he was working at the camps. In addition, the leadership and communication skills he learned from directing a group of children have proved invaluable in his later endeavors.

The Top Gun Sports Camp that Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado worked at from 2005-2008 offered a widely diverse selection of sports for those kids – and camp counselors! – who couldn’t decide which sports they liked to play best. Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado had a great time teaching kids about the variety of sports that were available for them to play – from flag football to swimming to indoor sky diving. Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado even had an opportunity to learn some activities he had never done before. Most of all, though, Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado loved working with the kids and watching them explore and grow throughout the summer. Although his days of summer camp are now behind him, he will always look back on that time with fondness.

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Throughout his life, Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado has demonstrated a love for and commitment to fitness. From leading the Redwood High School basketball team as its captain in 2009/2010 to spending three years working with kids as a camp counselor for the Ross Recreation Summer Camps, Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado continues to strive to perfect his own body and share his knowledge about fitness, health, and the benefits of playing sports with others.

How to Build a Professional Resume

Employers read resumes to understand and determine a potential hire’s experience and capabilities. Because they receive countless resumes regularly, your resume will most likely get a quick run through so it is important to put the critical and relevant data in the beginning.

Another consideration is to keep your resume brief and to the point. The "meat" of your resume should be your experience and education. Extra items such as certifications, computer training, military service, volunteering and other recognition that attributes to you as a person and your work ethic can be included as well. It is important to prioritize based on relevancy.

Another helpful tip is to make sure your name stands out by making it a little bigger on the page. Build the text dimension of your name so that it can be read effectively and unmistakably. Also be sure to detail out your degree or degrees and any certifications. These details should be towards the top of your resume.

Another helpful tip is to start with your most recent experience. The most relevant experience will probably be your most recent experience. It’s important to really accentuate what you did. An accurate description of your tasks, responsibilities and accomplishments are the most important part of the resume. Also, try not to reference other individual names on your resume. This is something you can save for the reference page. It also helps to utilize fragments and short sentences in your resume. It may seem counterintuitive, but when your job description is bulleted, it reads smoother and easier for the hiring manager. Try to avoid using the same action word in each line item, though.

An expert on finance, investment and international affairs, Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado understands that setting yourself apart, requires going above and beyond the employer's expectations. His philosophy is to commit to differentiating yourself from the rest of the pack with hard work, determination, and innovation.

Sam Gray- Boulder, Colorado Transplant

Sam Gray moved to Boulder, Colorado years ago. He attended Colorado University in Boulder where he graduated with degrees in International Affairs and Economics. He pursued those degrees because he wanted to help people around the world live better and more fulfilling lives. Gray pursued his dream of travel and helping people around the world by traveling to the Dominican Republic with the Peace Corps. He helped set up a kayak tour organization with local fisherman and business partners there. Read more about his work in the Dominican Republic here.

Sam Gray has traveled far from Boulder, Colorado after graduating from Colorado University to help spread good works and help people who need it. He is very involved in his local church and has traveled to many places to help the less fortunate. Gray went to Chicago to help families struggling in the inner-city with his church. He also helped rebuild homes and businesses in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. His experience on the ground helping people with their everyday lives in times of hardship and struggle led him to join the Peace Corps. He wanted to see the world and help people not only in his own country but in different continents living different kinds of lives.

Sam Gray knew he had to leave Boulder, Colorado to gain a different perspective on life. He loved the college town in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, but he heard the call of people suffering elsewhere and rushed to help them any way he could. In addition to his frequent travels across the country and internationally to help others, Gray also volunteered in the local Boulder community to help people live more enriched, fulfilling lives closer to home. A deeply religious young man, Gray knows that the power of his faith should be used to help others as much as possible. Since graduating from Colorado University, Gray has devoted his efforts to helping others.

Sam Gray hopes to one day return to Boulder, Colorado and the community that gave him so much and supported him for so long. Gray also hopes to start an organization that helps people overseas, much like the Peace Corps. His professional goals include being able to give back to the communities that have helped him over the years. His work overseas and throughout the United States has helped many people who were struggling with many problems already.

Sam Gray - Boulder, Colorado Charitable Volunteer

Sam Gray has long devoted a part of his life in Boulder, Colorado to helping his surrounding community and others in need. Gray graduated from Colorado University with degrees in both International Affairs and Economics. He knew that these degrees would help him help people around the world develop better economic situations for themselves and their communities. After living in Boulder for years and witnessing the people struggling even in a beautiful college town in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Gray knew that he had to help people not only there but in other places with fewer resources around the world.

Sam Gray volunteered to help throughout his community in Boulder, Colorado, but soon that wasn’t enough. Long a devoted member of his local church, Gray jumped on any opportunity to travel to different places in the United States that needed his help. Among those travels, he visited people in Chicago struggling with drugs, crime, and lack of resources in the inner city. Gray learned about how to create economic solutions while working with local business owners and residents of Chicago. Gray also traveled to New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, helping people rebuild their homes and businesses there. Gray has long learned that helping others is one of the most rewarding experiences in his life. He hopes to continue great work long into the future.

Sam Gray took his lessons of compassion and acceptance to heart while studying International Affairs and Economics at Colorado University in Boulder, Colorado. After he graduated, Gray joined the Peace Corps and started traveling beyond the United States to help people tackle their problems elsewhere. After two years, he still works with the Peace Corps to help create a small eco-tourism industry for one of the most isolated communities in the Dominican Republic. Gray and his team have developed a kayak touring business that takes tourists through the Laguna Limon, a relatively unspoiled tropical paradise full of teeming wildlife and a sleepy fishing village. Gray hopes that his efforts, along with the local business owners there will allow the community to grow and reap the benefits of tourism in their part of the world.

Sam Gray Boulder Colorado knows the everyday struggles of people trying to rebuild and get out from under their unfortunate circumstances because he’s been there working with people to create solutions. Gray hopes that one day he’ll be able to help even more people around the world.

Sam Gray of Boulder, Colorado - Peace Corps Volunteer

Sam Gray earned two degrees from Colorado University when he graduated in 2013: in Economics and International Affairs. Gray immediately started using his newfound education and skill to help local fishermen and business owners near the remote Laguna Limon in the Dominican Republic create economic solutions that will help sustain themselves for years to come. Gray helped set up Kayak Limon, a tour company that takes guests through the Laguna Limon on kayaks to witness the area’s teeming wildlife and the fascinating lives of the fishermen and others who live in the sleepy village near the lagoon. For the past two years, Gray has been working with the Peace Corps to develop this business, which he hopes will generate new life for the community.

Sam Gray has always been drawn to charitable works in Boulder, Colorado and beyond. In addition to volunteering in Boulder, Gray has also taken charity trips to Chicago and New Orleans. Gray went to Chicago to help people create opportunities in areas with little infrastructure and economic viability due to issues like violence and drugs. Gray helped people rebuild their homes and businesses after Hurricane Katrina wiped out people’s homes and livelihoods there. Wherever he goes, Gray seeks to help people overcome their obstacles and economic issues to find solutions that will enrich communities and help them thrive again.

Sam Gray took the degrees he earned in Boulder, Colorado and used them to help people in faraway places regain their economic viability. He doesn’t consider the work he does in the Dominican Republic charity work because he is simply giving people in the community where he works there the tools to start and run their own businesses and create opportunities for themselves and their families. Gray has seen the huge difference just believing in people can have when working with them to develop the economic infrastructure that can help them even in the smallest way. Gray hopes to one day start his own organization similar to the Peace Corps in which he helps develop business solutions for people struggling with poverty around the world.

Sam Gray believes he will one day return to Boulder, Colorado to continue his great work there as well. For now, he busies himself with creating the building blocks of success for those without the same opportunities that many of us take for granted in the United States. Gray hopes that he can continue his work for many years in the future.

Sam Gray - Boulder, Colorado University

In 2013, Sam Gray graduated from Colorado University and kissed his comfortable life in Boulder, Colorado goodbye. Gray has been working to establish a kayak tour company near Laguna Limon in the Dominican Republic ever since. He joined the Peace Corps shortly after his graduation with degrees in both International Affairs and Economics because he wanted to travel and help people wherever he could. Gray had some experience traveling and helping others before he boarded a flight to Santo Domingo. He and his family are very active in their church community. Gray joined several groups that traveled to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina to rebuild homes and businesses and to Chicago to help people struggling in poverty there.

Sam Gray knew that there was plenty of work to do in Boulder, Colorado. But he decided to take his work overseas for many reasons. Gray wanted to gain added perspective on the world and he knew from experience that to truly understand others, you have to at least attempt to experience the world as they do, from their native environments. Gray wanted to spread his knowledge and skill in Economics to help people create economic opportunities for themselves. He got his chance when he joined the Peace Corps. His team has helped the people living near the remote Laguna Limon tap into the rapidly expanding tourism industry in the Dominican Republic. The company he and his team created offers breathtaking tours of the lagoon on a kayak, the perfect vehicle to explore the area and see the plentiful wildlife and natural beauty there. Many local fishermen and other workers in the community have joined the company as tour guides, providing excellent knowledge and skill to people who want to explore one of the country’s most beautiful areas.

Sam Gray Boulder Colorado that economic theory doesn’t belong only in a classroom or in the boardroom of some huge corporation. He learned that the principles and tools he learned as an Economics major can be applied to situations that will help people immensely and lead to fulfilling, happy lives. Gray relishes the opportunity to share his skill and knowledge with people who can benefit immensely from it. For Gray, the Peace Corps was a sure way to spread the love and compassion he has always had. He hopes to continue his important work in the Dominican Republic and beyond for many more years.