Major events that delayed the war.

What is a Cold War?

A cold war is political, and economical disagreements between multiple countries. A cold war does not involve the use of heavy artillery, but does include the use of propaganda, and threats against one another.

Events that Delayed the Cold War.

The 8 Events.

There were numerous events that delayed the cold war, but I have narrowed it down to eight influences. The first influences extended from the communist governed, China. Mao Zedong who was considered the father of communist China delayed the war by branching away from the Soviets, and criticizing the rule of Soviet's leader which might have caused conflict between the countries. This created the background for the cultural revolution which added extra disagreements and the elimination of many innocent people in an attempt to cleanse China. Similar to the Red Army formed during the cultural revolution, a rebel group arose in Cambodia. They were called the Khmer Rouge, and they were under the leadership of Pol Pot. Throughout their reign in Cambodia, they murdered many innocent people and prevented Cambodia from becoming independent. Another country in Asia that delayed the Cold War was Korea. Korea was split into two countries (North-Communist, South-Democratic) at the 38th parallel, however war broke out between the countries and one was trying to take over the other. In the end after the death of 4 million people, and mass destruction, the border remained the same. In order to prevent the spread of communism the policy of containment was created. It was to prevent further Soviet influences on neutral countries, but it wasn't as effective as thought to be. The metaphorical iron curtain had a major effect on the war because of the lack of communication between the sides causing no agreement to be reached. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization or NATO, caused another biased , separation among the countries involved in the cold war. NATO was an organization formed by the Allied Forces, which caused the Soviet's to create their own pact to go against NATO. The final element in my article that extended the cold war was the Cuban Missile Crisis. This caused a lot of tension to form between the United States, and the island of Cuba. It created an unnecessary threat that almost pushed both countries into a nuclear war.
The Cold War: Crash Course US History #37