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What Do You Know About Green Screen?

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Green Screen in the Classroom

How can you make your lessons more meaningful? How can your students use Green Screen to demonstrate their learning? Using Green Screen in the classroom is easy, economical and appropriate for all grade levels and subject areas!

Green Screen allows you to create a video using an image or video for your background. If your students are studying the Pyramids of Egypt, they can create a video report with the Pyramids in the background. What about a weather report from the banks of the Nile River or on top of Mt. Everest? The possibilities are endless, so let's get started!

Classroom Ideas:

What Happens When You Wear Green

Below is an example of a woman wearing a green dress in a green screen project. Your students might be able to think of advertisements, movies or TV shows that use the same technique. (Photo by Farzana Cassim)
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  • Here's what happens when a Meteorologist wears green! Check out the video here.

The Prop Library

One of the new features in the 2019 update is the Prop Library. When you open it up, you will find many objects that you can add to your video and animate. Pair your Green Screen video with a creative writing assignment.

Green Screen with Play-Doh and Green Paint

Green Play-Doh and a creative imagination work well together in green screen projects!

This tweet shows playing with green play-doh, iMotion HD App, iMovie & Googly Eyes.

Another example here.

Check out this tweet to see how to use Play-Doh as a traveling green screen.

Here's an example of a little Phantom fun with Play-Doh and iMovie.

Pumpkin carving at a whole new level with Play-Doh and iMovie.

This Google Drive folder from @lfreegeography has several excellent examples.

Dryden Elementary Art Website

Mrs. Fuglestad, the art teacher at Dryden, has an incredible website that includes tons of ideas for using green screen. Yes, it is an elementary site, but students of all ages would enjoy many of her lessons. She shares the downloads for the lessons, step-by-step directions and student examples. View her STEAM Art Lessons and iPad Ideas for green screen activities.


  • The Snow Globe Effect is a fun way to teach transparency, animation, and layering with green screen. The downloadable file makes this project easy to complete!
  • First graders made digital snowmen in Keynote then put them into a snow globe. Directions, downloadable files and examples can be found here.
  • Moving Postcards use a Harry Potter styled effect to create a moving postcard. Check out the post here.
  • Veggie Tales use the Do Ink Animation app to add eyes and mouths on objects and then make them talk.

Animation & Drawing by DoInk

The Green Screen Animation & Drawing App allows students and teachers to create advanced animations. These can then be imported onto the top layer of the DoInk Green Screen project. The drawing editor can be used to create vector artwork and frame-by-frame (flip book) animations. The composition editor can be used to combine your artwork and props from the DoInk prop library into more detailed scenes.

Animation & Drawing by DoInk ($4.99) compatible with Green Screen

Creativity Bundle by DoInk ($7.99) includes Green Screen and Animation & Drawing

Vintage Illustration Animation

The Water Cycle

Visualize Geometry Problems

Valentines Day

Layered Animations

Dryden Art - Examples and Directions

Still Photo with Rotation on an Animation Path

Geometric Transformation

Pythagorean Theorem

Happy Valentines Day

The Tell Tale Heart

The Life Cycle of a Frog

Pinterest Boards

Animation Tips & Tricks


Animations in Art

Animations in Math

Animations in Science

Animations in English/ELA


Create an Animation in Two Minutes

DoInk Animation: Green Screen Tutorial

Sketch50: Animating Your Sketches in DoInk Animation App

How to Create an Animation Using Your Own Video Using DoInk Apps

How to Create a Background using Drawing Tools in Animation & Drawing app by DoInk on the iPad

How to Create a Frame-by-Frame Animation using the Animation and Drawing by DoInk app on the iPad

How to Make Objects "Dynamic" Using the Animation and Drawing by DoInk app

How to use the Trace Feature in the Animation and Drawing by DoInk app on the iPad

Instructions for Animations & Drawing (34-page manual)

How to Share Files from DoInk Animation & Drawing app to DoInk Green Screen app

Green Screen and Keynote

Cue Prompter

CuePrompter is a free online teleprompter. Write or cut and paste your script in the teleprompter window. You can change the font size, colors and prompter window.

Help your students deliver more professional videos.

TouchCast Studio


WeVideo has a green screen component and it will work on Chromebooks. The cost varies depending on the number of licenses that are needed. Click here to see the pricing structure for education. Click here for a WeVideo green screen tutorial.

Ideas for Green Screen Backgrounds

  • Inexpensive bright green tablecloths from party or discount stores
  • Bright green fabric or bulletin board paper
  • Paint a pizza box bright screen to create a small green screen stage for small toys or puppets. Read more about using a pizza box here.
  • Green file folder
  • 10 Ideas for Mini Green Screens

Ideas to try

The Green Screen Maker Space Project Book

This book by Todd Burleson is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other retailers. It gives step-by-step directions for creating green screen projects as well as tons of ideas for you and your students.

Where We Shop

Disposable Green Plastic Tablecloths - Don't pay more than $1.00 for them! Available at many different stores in the party section.

Green Screen Backdrop - The bigger the better! Amazon

Green Fabric by the Yard - Walmart seems to have the best price

Green Leggings - Cut in half to cover your arms to use with puppets - Walmart in the ladies department

Green Straws - Starbucks

Green Garden Gloves - Dollar Tree, Walmart, etc.

Maskimals - available at Walmart for $19.98

Image and Video Resources

Pixabay - Find free images and videos that do not require attribution. They are also free for commercial use.

Pexels - Find free images that do not require attribution. They are also free for commercial use.

Pics 4 Learning - Pics4Learning is a user-supported image library that is safe and free for education.

14 Fantastically Free Sources For Stock Video Footage [Updated 2019] - Great list of FREE footage backgrounds

Photos for Class - Photos for Class allows users to search for creative commons photos for school with automatic citation.

Unsplash - Find free pictures from anywhere in the world

Remove the Background from an Image

Do you need to remove the background on your latest selfie? does the trick! It currently only works with pictures that have people in them. Photo Scissors is another site that also removes the background from photos.

Free & Easy Green Screen Editing – How to Make Transparent Backgrounds by Larissa ARadj

How to Find Free Images and Stock Videos for Classroom Projects

The sites listed in this blog post from the Techie Teacher include many of our favorites!

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