My Poems

Riley Harkelrode


My soul is as strong as diamond

My eyes are like the fall leafs

My spirit is as wonderful as a great snow my ideas are like helicopters in lots of wind

My heart is as mighty as a lion

My poem is as random as a dust storm

I am the flowers in bloom

I am the universe

Rhyme Scheme

I got a cool new game

It's got all kinds of pets to

Just like wolfs to tame

I think its really cool

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A huge waterfall

It's a sweet sight to see

None can be bigger


Black is my chrome book

Black is the dark knight

Black smells like a black rose

Black taste like black berries

Black sounds like my recorder

Black looks like the cinema in a movie

Black feels like a cold windy night

Black makes me want to sleep

Black is my new computer

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Great in almost every way

Allways for sale

Magor companies

Entertainment at its best

Skills for you to choose

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makes me think of

Santa makes me think of Christmas

Christmas makes me think of family

family makes me think of gatherings

gatherings makes me think of traffic

traffic makes me think of snow

snow makes me think of December

December makes me think of Christmas

Christmas makes me think of Santa


I got a new computer

With a 95-foot screen

It runs so fast a cheetah can't keep up

The graphics card has its own Graphics card

It has 5 kinds of steam and nexus

My computer speaks 10 different languages

And created all of them

It beat all of my games in the title screen

And it even built a time machine

Its a master of the martial arts

And can play every instrument

I got a new computer


Oh dear bible how you

Make me feel so safe and joyful

As my sword you help me fend off

Evil and defend my heart mind and soul

You guide me thru the dark like a light

Oh you help me thru my time of need

Oh you help me so

Dear bible


Once an explorer got old A

And then he was told A

That there was a fountain of youth B

But he was not telling the truth B

And that made the explorer scold A





Great for roasting food


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