Montreal, Canada

These are some of Montreal's "SHUT UP AND EAT!" foods.

For breakfast there is croissants with ham and cheese in the inside of them. Personally i think the croissants are amazingly delicious. Chinese style Pho Lien is extremely tasty perfect for lunch. Estrella's Deli serves sickening (because you can eat to much of it) ham sandwiches mmmm. If you need a snack, fruits are very common here in Montreal. So... SHUT UP AND EAT!

Some history of Montreal is, well, the following.

Lots of people lived in montreal but one of the first were the Iroquois. Russia is the biggest country right well canada (Quebec is in canada(montreal is in Quebec) and is the biggest provenience)is the second biggest country(sorry for the inconvenience with these -->). Montreal like the rest of Canada was colonized by France and Britain. Like most of Canada when its winter-time its art-time, time for, thats right HOCKEY!!! Hockey is very common where there is ice. So come on down and join me in some hockey

There are many things to try and places to go but you should try these and come here.

Mont-Royal is a beautiful mountain or hill you choose what you want to call it if you come see it. Another thing along the lines of beautiful is the biosphere building, of course the real biosphere is cool because if it was hot we would probably be dead. The Pointe-a-Calliere museum is totally boring NOT!!! its amazing and fun to learn some of the stuff in it. The Cafe of Electronique is so cool. coffee and computers whats better. So come on down and have some fun.

Welcome to statue city A.K.A. Montreal

obviously there are lots of statues in montreal most of hockey players. Olympic stadiums are fun right and its also historical so it has to be a historical sight i mean every one wants to swim and run were Olympic and world records were made. Notre Dame Basilica is a huge pretty Catholic church so if you like beautiful windows or your Catholic this is a perfect historical site. Victoria bridge is over 150 years old how exciting if you are an engineer that would be a cool sight to see its a marvel. so if you have time and film for cameras come down and take some pictures.

Are most people in montreal bilingual?

The main population actually speaks french. Some of montreal speaks english too. Wanna know why? NO! what??? To bad i'm telling you anyways. As i mentioned earlier the french colonized montreal forcing them to speak french and the british colonized them too which is why they speak english. So yes they mostly speak english and french.

is it always cold down in montreal?

Well in spring it is warmer but not quite hot. In summer it gets pretty warm. In fall it gets cold pretty fast. In winter it freezes every day thats why hockey is popular. So yes it is cold all the time but thats not bad i like it that way.
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thanks for listening!!!