Vietnam War

Matt Everling

Who, What, When, Where, and Why

The Vietnam War started because of the expansion of communism after WW2. China became a communist country when the communist rebels led by Mao Zedong. The U.S got involved helping South Vietnam from becoming communist. The war broke out with the U.S, China, Viet Cong, North and South Vietnam. The war started on November 1st, 1955 and ended on April 30th, 1975. The Vietnam War took place in both North and South Vietnam but also used Cambodia and Laos as trade routs to get supplies and military troops without getting caught. The U.S. and French tried to support the South Vietnam from becoming communist and finally left the war and there was a boarder set where the country is divided from itself.

Perspective #1 media portrayed

The news media didn't cover a lot of the Vietnam War. The media didn't have much to deliver until the number of deaths started to increase. People were just starting to get televisions and sending news reporters to the war to get bigger info. People would gather around the TV at night waiting for the death list hoping loved ones wouldn't come up.

perspective #2 media portrayed

The news media made the war sound bad because they were only showing the deaths of the people of the war. While they weren't showing we were fighting against communism and it spreading to countries that don't want it. We should be in South Korea to help them fight against the North. The U.S. saw the opportunity to fight against more communism after WW2 and we wanted to help any way we could. We kept shipping soldiers over thinking we would get a handle on the war.

Media bias Explained

I don't think we should have gone over to the War as early as we did. We just got out of WW2 and we jumped right into the Vietnam War very fast. After awhile of all the deaths that were happening in the Vietnam War I don't think we had the time and skills to be training soldiers what they needed to know about war and combat. I think we should have went over to fight the war but have done it more effectively.

Criticism #1

In the Vietnam War the woman in the war were all nearly volunteers. Over 11,000 were in the war and about 90% of them were nurses. The feminist criticism over the woman of the time was still a hard time and weren't allowed to do much still and they weren't drafted like the men they had to volunteer. Over the 11,000 of the woman only 10% of them got to fight and help train the south vietnamese.

Criticism #2

The people of the U.S. slowly turned on the government not wanting the soldiers in Vietnam anymore and want to stop shipping people over. The cultural of the war changed very quickly for the U.S. as people were staring to riot and hold protests. People did not want to support any more and people were shown burning their draft cards and refusing to fight the war anymore. The cultural criticism turned on the government and we slowly started to bring people out of the war.
The Truth about the Vietnam War