kodu vs Scratch


the difference between kodu and Scratch.

Kodu is an imaginable game, you can build your own creative games and terrains. its a fun game for any age. You make your own games by adding and making a terrain and land. you add your character and make it move by using physical options and many more. its a game where you can build your ideas. you can downloaded on a computer or Xbox 360 anyway its still the same rules and same game. its a really interesting game lab.

scratch is close enough with kodu but with a more complicated physical options. you can personalize your character and use options to make it do anything with the different tabs or commands. its more a suitable game for children then for both. the difference from kodu is that you cant build your own terrain, but in kodu you cant personalize your characters like Scratch. .

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which one is easier to use?

i personally think Kodu is easier to use because it has a more understandable format and you can do a lot with just pressing some commands. on the other hand Scratch you need to use a lot of commands just to make small moves. So kodu will take less time to build and you can even make a terrain, and it might take time. but the important thing is to check the instructions if you really want to understand and its not hard to.

some commands you can use on kodu.

which one do i prefer?

I prefer kodu.

I personally prefer kodu because you had more opportunities in Kodu then Scratch and they were more simple to understand too. i had fun playing with Kodu and creating my own terrains, plus I'm using my imagination more. In Scratch it was kind of boring doing it to me but i did enjoy using but not as much as Kodu, if your more of a challenging games person i probably think you should use Scatch.

here are some opinions from other people.

jay,11- "I like Kodu because you get to use your creativity and get to make your own game, and because you can also play it on a computer not only an Xbox."

Rodrigo,12- "i like scratch because it shows you the way to make a proper cartoon, or game. its really interesting and also challenging to use, and you also use a lot of knowledge for it."