Cook's Counseling Corner

Information about the guidance program at MES

January 19 - 22

Monday - Hellums, Johnson, Steed (TBD - emails will be sent to schedule class)

Tuesday - Yancey, Callaway

Wednesday - Hartselle, Mobley, Marsh, Skipper

Thursday -- Cotton, DesRochers, Stegherr, Wilson (PST Meetings)

Friday -- Tuttle, Phillips, Learning Academy

*In the event of snow days/delays, I will do the best I can. I hope you know your students mean a lot to me, and guidance lessons are very important to me. I know last year was crazy with missed days. Hopefully we can avoid too many missed days and enjoy those weather days in the spring!

Info for Class - January 19-22

Second and Third grade students will learn about the importance of listening. We will model good listening and bad listening. Students will then be given checklists and paired off. Each student will be asked to assess their parter and monitor what kind of listening skills they have.

Fourth and Fifth grade students will have an academic focus and discuss the feelings associated with taking tests. Students will be divided into groups and be given Dear Counselor letters. (similar to Dear Abby). The students must determine what feelings the student is going through and offer some helpful, timely advice. We will wrap up the lesson with relaxation techniques to help them when taking a test.

Great Kindness Challenge 2016 - January 25-29

During the week of January 25-29 we will participate in the Great Kindness Challenge. It is an entire week devoted to performing as many acts of kindness as possible. Students will be given a 50 item checklist to complete throughout the week. The goal is to increase tolerance, unity, and respect.

Please be patient with me as I grow my program. This year the Great Kindness Challenge may be simple, but as I get more comfortable with this position I promise to expand this into something great! I have big plans for Great Kindness Challenge 2017!!!

January -- Generous

Generosity can be described as freely sharing what you have with others. It can be an item, help with something, or even time. To be generous means giving something that is valuable to you without the expectation of a reward or return. It can be difficult to be generous; it is in our nature to keep good things for ourselves. However, I encourage all of our students to practice this character trait. Luckily they attend a school where the staff are masters of it.

If you already have your January student in mind for this trait, you may go ahead and submit their name!

Here are the remaining Character Traits:

January - Generous

February - Tolerance

March - Fair

April - Honest

May - Cooperative

Cook's Counseling Crew

Cook's Counseling Crew will not meet this week!

Referral Sheet

Remember if you have a student you are concerned with, you can fill out the referral sheet. It notifies me when you send it that I have a student I need to meet with, and it's documentation.

As always, if it's an emergency email is usually the best way to get in touch with me because I ALMOST always have my phone on me. You can always text me as well (256-542-8798).

Staff Spotlight: Anna Kelley

I love young teachers. They really are the best. If you are a teacher with less than five years of experience, I appreciate you so much. Don't get me wrong, veteran teachers are amazing too. They carry wisdom, experience, and way more knowledge than I'll ever gain. But I love watching a baby teacher work. They see everything with fresh eyes. They are creative, resourceful, and tenacious at times. I see these qualities in Anna Kelley all the time. One thing I have always noticed about her is she never gives up; she never seems defeated. She keeps that same sweet face and keeps going. I can see her students learning that important quality: persistence. They never give up very easily. There never seems to be that feeling of frustration. They know that some days are harder than others. And they know that because of Mrs. Kelley.

Personality Quiz for the Next Collaboration Day

Here is a great website to determine what your personality type is. It takes about 10-12 minutes to complete. Take the quiz and write down your results to share at our next Collaboration Day. Do NOT share them with anyone. I'm curious about what type of personalities are in the building. We will do an activity with the results. We did something similar to that DMS, and it was interesting to see what personalities your colleagues were and what their assets were. It was SPOT on with me.

A Glimpse of January 11-15