Why Privacy filters in your office?


All the government offices have now switched from their old paperwork based information records to the modern computer based information records. All the banking institutions are using secure networks to safeguard their customer database with external threats. But on occasions you may find somebody roaming in front of your machine. This leads to security vulnerability too. Anyone can simply looking at your screen without your consent can get hold of the important records.

The major risks of this advanced information technology can be restricted if we use smart approaches to protect what we store in the database and the method with which we access the visual information. The serious threats to these new technologies require some intelligent security thoughts, due apprehension and due care to ensure the private information is protected. Corporate customers can guard what others see through their mobile devices and computer screens by usage privacy filters. The new security related threats posed by the new versatile devices emphasize the strong requirement for precautionary measures to help manage and minimize the potential disclosure of these sensitive and regulated data.

ViewGuard® is a leading manufacturer for sophisticated Anti-Glare Frameless Privacy Filters. These smart anti glare Frameless Privacy Filters can be effortlessly attached and detached from your machine. Individuals within the viewing angle of the screen will be able to see the screen clearly but the individuals outside the viewing angle will not be able to notice and hack any information displayed.