Sparrow Road

BY Shelia O´ Connor


Raine and her mother go to Sparrow Road because Raines mother got a job on summer vacation. Raine didn't want to leave Milwaukee. Before they left Milwaukee Raines grandfather told her that he would come and get them day or night. So Raine explores Sparrow Road while her mother works. Will Raine want to stay in Sparrow Road Instead of Milwaukee? Will Raine have a choice?


Man vs Self because when Raine's mom said that she was getting a job she had to find something to do while her mom work. So she went exploring Sparrow Road because she could not find anything else to do.

Symbolism & Setting

Sparrow Road symbolizes Raines long wishes and dreams.

The setting is mostly at sparrow road in side and outside.


" There are no short cuts to any place worth going"

- Beverly Sills

Justin Bieber - What Do You Mean lyric