Much Ado About Nothing

Shakespeare project

Don Pedro

The actor I felt would have been a better pick for Don Pedro would be Morgan Freeman. The reasoning behind that is he's older so it would make it seem like he has more battle experience and well who doesn't like Morgan Freeman.


Claudio was played by a great actor, but the position would have been better if Leonardo DiCaprio acted it. He has been in a Shakespeare moving before so he has experience with the type of way they talk in the movie.

Bruce Willis

I think Bruce Willis should have acted out Benedick. Mainly because Bruce Willis is know for being a tough guy just like Benedick think he is but not only is Bruce tough, He's also has a soft side as we saw in the movie Red.


The First major plot is - Girl meets boy, boy and girl fall in love, boy and girl fight, boy and girl make up, boy and girl live happily ever after. This would represent Claudio and Hero. It was important to the play because it was a good portion of the play. With out that there wouldn't be much of a play