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Woman straightens out local young man

A woman who's name is not released was walking home one night from work .When a young boy came up from behind her and tried to take her pocketbook. The young boy fell back cause of the weight of the purse.The lady then kicked the boy and put him in a head-lock.

She then took him to her home and cleaned him up. She made him clean up his face and served him dinner. She had him explain to her why he tried to steal from her. He said he did it cause he wanted a pair of suede shoes.

She saw that he had learned from his mistake cause could of ran, but he did not. He picked up the towel he used to wash his face with. He could of took some money from her purse when he was on the couch and it was right beside him. She let him go after they had dinner but, right before he left she stopped him and gave him the money to buy the shoes.