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Illinois Stewardship Alliance 2nd Annual Membership Drive

Planting the Seeds of Change Today

Locally grown vegetables and locally raised meats are on the menu of nearly every restaurant. Year round farmers’ markets are in communities across Illinois. More money is in the pockets of family farmers, both young and old. Vacant lots have been transformed into community gardens. Laws are in place that encourage and support, rather than stifle, innovative local farmers and food entrepreneurs. Illinois’ countryside is dotted by farms of all sizes living in harmony, protecting natural resources and the environment. A great re-settling of rural America is revitalizing communities from Carbondale to Rockford.

This is our vision for the future of food and farming — a vision we have been working towards here at the Illinois Stewardship Alliance for more than 30 years. We have come a long way but we still have a lot of work to do! We are changing the food and farm system and need your support.

Through June 30, we are holding our 2nd annual membership drive. As a grassroots organization, we rely on member input when deciding how to focus our work and address the most critical issues facing Illinois’ local food and farm system. We want your opinions and input, so we hope you will join today!

If you sign up during our membership drive you'll be entered into a raffle for dinner for two and some of the best restaurants in the state, some luggage from Patagonia and other prizes. On top of that, you'll get to attend our membership appreciation event (here's a peek at last year's event) this summer and our annual meeting this winter!

What Illinois Stewardship Alliance Does

Words from our Staff

Wes King, Interim Executive Director

I am proud to work at Illinois Stewardship Alliance and was a member before I started working here in 2009. The long-term sustainability of our economy and environment is dependent on our ability to re-localize our communities and food system. The important work of creating sustainable food and farm systems will not happen on its own. It needs organizations like Illinois Stewardship Alliance leading the way working with farmers, chefs, entrepreneurs and citizens to create a better food and farm system!

Lindsay Record, Program Director

Illinois food system is broken. Obesity and diet-related diseases are on the rise and mono-culture farming is leading to environmental degradation. But Illinois Stewardship Alliance is working to correct that. We're bringing farmers and chefs together to figure out the best way to get good, local food into our restaurants. We're educating farmers about the best conservation practices. And we're making sure legislation that passes out of Springfield and Washington D.C. help local food, not hinder it.

Jen Filipiak, Conservation Associate

Illinoisans can all easily agree that farming is part of our heritage and critical for our economy – we want to see it thrive into future generations. We are all conservationists in that we want our valuable nutrients to stay in the soil where they are useful to our crops, and we want that valuable fertile soil to stay on the farm. ISA is unique in that it works with such a diversity of stakeholders, promoting common sense policy and practices that sustain our economy and our way of life.

Drew Thomason, Outreach Coordinator

Illinois Stewardship Alliance is the only organization like it in Illinois. It is working in every sector of agriculture in the state, from strawberry farms to cornfields, from cafes to cafeterias. That kind of holistic approach protects the health of Illinoisans and the environment in a way nothing else can.

Dee Carlson, Office Manager

The passion all the staff and members of ISA has for supporting farmers, restaurants and local food is great. Everyone works hard to make sure people are educating about the good that local food and conservation can do for the environment.