Meadowview News and Notes

April 2014

Mark Your Calendar!

Monday, April 7th - Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurant Fundraiser

Tuesday, April 8th - After School Clubs Begin

Tuesday, April 8th - Meadowview Battle of the Books

Wednesday, April 9th - Kindergarten Pre-registration 4:00pm-7:00pm - Meadowview

Thursday, April 10th - Kindergarten Pre-registration 1:00pm-6:00pm - Meadowview

Thursday, April 10th - PTO Meeting 7:00pm - Meadowview LRC

Friday, April 11th - Face to Face Assembly 9:00am for Gr. 4,5,6 & 10:00am for Gr. K-3

Monday, April 14th - Online Registration Opens for the 2014-2015 School Year

Tuesday, April 15th - Market Day Pick-Up 5:00pm-6:00pm - Meadowview LRC

Wednesday, April 16th - District Battle of the Books - Jefferson Junior High

Wednesday, April 16th - We will be following a Friday schedule

Thursday, April 17th - 3rd Grade Field Trip to Museum of Science and Industry

Thursday, April 17th - Report Cards Issued

Friday, April 18th - NO SCHOOL - Spring Holiday

Monday, April 21st - 6th Grade Parent Meeting 6:30pm - Jefferson Junior High

Wednesday, April 23rd - 6th Grade Visits Jefferson Junior High 8:40am-10:45am

Thursday, April 24th - Open House/Ice Cream Social 6:30pm - Meadowview

Friday, April 25th - Preschool Screening

Saturday, April 26th - Young Authors Conference 9:00am-12:30pm - Jefferson Junior High

Monday, April 28th - School Board Meeting 7:30pm - Jefferson Junior High

Tuesday, April 29th - Second Year Band Tour 1:15pm - Meadowiew Gym

Wednesday, April 30th - First Grade Field Trip to Brookfield Zoo

Please also make note of some important May dates...

Thursday, May 1st - EARLY DISMISSAL Parent/Teacher Conferences 3:00pm-8:00pm

Friday, May 2nd - NO SCHOOL Parent/Teacher Conferences 11:00am-4:00pm

Monday, May 5th - Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurant Fundraiser

Wednesday, May 7th - 1st/2nd Grade Musical and 5th/6th Gr. Chorus Assembly 1:15pm

Wednesday, May 7th - 1st/2nd Grade Musical and 5th/6th Chorus Concert PM - JJH

Thursday, May 8th - Sixth Grade Field Trip to Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Thursday, May 8th - Talent Show Tryouts 3:00pm

Thursday, May 8th - PTO Meeting 7:00pm - Meadowview LRC

Friday, May 9th - Pro Kids Assembly 1:00pm for Gr.4,5,6 and 2:00pm for Gr.K-3

Friday, May 9th - Family Night (Free Pro Kids Show) -7:00pm Jefferson Junior High

Tuesday, May 13th - Market Day Pick-Up 5:00pm

Tuesday, May 13th - Thursday, May 15th - Book Fair

Thursday, May 15th - Early Childhood Field Trip to Willowbrook Wildlife Center

Thursday, May 15th - Family Reading Night/Book Fair

Friday, May 16th - NO SCHOOL Teacher Inservice

Friday, May 16th - 6th Grade DARE Lock-in 7:00pm - Jefferson Junior High

Monday, May 19th - School Board Meeting 7:30pm - Jefferson Junior High

Thursday, May 22nd - Talent Show Practice 3:00pm

Friday, May 23rd - Volunteer Appreciation Dinner in the Evening

Monday, May 26th - NO SCHOOL Memorial Day

Tuesday, May 27th - Talent Show Dress Rehearsal 3:00pm

Wednesday, May 28th - Meadowview Talent Show 1:00pm

Wednesday, May 28th - Evening Talent Show 6:00pm

Thursday, May 29th - Last Day of After School Clubs

Friday, May 30th - Student Council/Patrol Field Trip

Please also make note of some important June dates...

Monday, June 2nd - Board of Education Meeting 7:00pm - JJH

Tuesday, June 3rd - Field Day for Grades 1st-5th

Thursday, June 12th - Last Day of School

Illinois 5Essentials Survey

Currently our parent response rate for the Illinois 5Essentials Survey sits at 9% participation. We do not get a report from the state unless 30% of our parents participate in the survey. Please take five minutes to complete the online survey. Your participation is appreciated and is used to make Meadowview the best it can be! Your identity and survey responses will be kept completely confidential and will not be connected to you or your child. Click here to take the survey.

District 68 Kindergarten Pre-Registration!

Pre-registration for all children who will be eligible for entrance to Woodridge School District 68 kindergarten classes for the 2014-15 school year will be held at the school your child(ren) will attend on the dates and times shown below:

Wednesday, April 9th

4:00-7:00 PM

Thursday, April 10th

1:00-6:00 PM

To be eligible for kindergarten attendance for the 2014-15 school year, children must be five years of age on or before September 1, 2014. Anyone seeking to enroll a student must present the following:

Student’s Birth Certificate (Original or certified copy issued by the County – Hospital copy not accepted)

At this time, you will be given a Registration Form, Home Language Survey, Parent Permission for Field Trips and Photographs and Videos, and Physical Examination Forms. Physical examinations, dated within one year prior to entrance, by a licensed physician, are necessary for entry into kindergarten. Documentation of all immunizations, with exact dates must be provided. Proof of the above requirement must be presented before the first day of school. A dental exam by a licensed dentist, as well as a vision examination by a licensed eye doctor, is also required.

Additional information can be found on the Woodridge School District website ( under >Departments >Health Services.

Toward the end of this school year, you will receive via postal mail, a registration packet with instructions on completing the registration process. Complete registration information will also be posted on the district website.

PARCC Testing

Prior to spring break, many of our third and sixth graders participated in PARCC field testing. The PARCC Assessment will replace ISAT for third through eighth graders across the state of Illinois beginning next school year. As field testers, some of our students were able to take a sneak peak of the computer-based assessment. Although the students reported it was very difficult, our students overwhelmingly prefer the computer-based assessment as opposed to the paper/pencil based ISAT. The same cohort of third and sixth graders will also participate in the end of the year PARCC assessment in May.

Are You Planning to Move?

Online registration for the 2014-2015 school year begins on Monday, April 14th. If you are planning to move, please notify the office at 630-969-2390, and they will provide you with the appropriate form to complete. Thank you for letting us know as soon as possible.

Bilingual Parent Representation

We are looking for bilingual parent representation at our PTO meetings. Please join us on the second Thursday of each month at 7pm in the Meadowview LRC.

Gifted Information

If you have any questions regarding our Gifted programming, please contact Dr. Kelly Neylon, our District's Gifted Coordinator at or 630-967-2071.

  • Students who are gifted perform, or show the potential for performing, at remarkably high levels of accomplishment when compared with others of their age, experience, or environment. These students exhibit high performance capacity in intellectual ability, creativity, leadership, and/or a specific academic field. Gifted students can be identified in any cultural group or within any economic stratum and require special instruction, services, and/or activities not ordinarily provided by the general education program.
  • Students in grades 2 and 6 took the CogAT to assist in determining eligibility for Gifted services. You should have received the results prior to spring break.
  • Please go to the Gifted Website for more information.

Physical Education News

Recently in physical education class, Meadowview students just completed a floor hockey unit right before the start of spring break. It was a fun and exciting time filled with much learning, and as for many students, it was their first time engaging in floor hockey. This being part of the goal of physical education so as to give students exposure to games, sports, and skills that may not be familiar with, but can nonetheless enjoy! Students learned many basic skills such as how to hold a hockey stick properly, stick handling, passing, and even shooting goals while Mr. Khan was the goalie, which was a thrill for many of our students! Students will begin a comprehensive volleyball unit which will hopefully be a great time for individual improvement and teamwork. Can’t wait!

Mr. Khan

From the Art Studio

First graders are being introduced to the art room Fiber Center by learning how to sew. So far they have learned how to thread a needle and tie a knot. Next they will be learning how to sew a basic running stitch and stitching a picture on burlap with yarn.

Second graders have been learning about fibers as we opened the Fiber Center. We explored cotton plants, sheep, and silk worms as sources for fibers that are used in clothing. Students have the opportunity to card the wool (comb it), spin it into yarn with a drop spindle and learn how to weave a small rug.

Third graders have begun creating clay animals. They have been learning how to make strong connections that will last.

Fourth graders just finished creating clay fish. Students created strong connections with the clay, learned various ways to make texture on the fish body and showed movement by positioning the fish in a bent or curved form. After firing the fish will be painted.

Fifth graders have been busy creating organic forms starting with a flat slab of clay. The forms are taking on interesting animal and human features. Students are reviewing how to make strong connections using clay slip and also how to create details in a face.

Sixth graders are finishing up their perspective drawings. Bold colors and converging lines make the drawings appear to be three dimensional, with spheres that are floating in space.

Ms. Johnson

Music Notes

Kindergarten is in the midst of their music and literature unit. We will be learning many songs that are also stories. We will be introduced to the books as we learn each song. So far we have learned “Go Tell Aunt Rhody,” Oh A Hunting We Will Go” and “Down By the Bay.”

The first and second graders are working hard on their musical “A Race to the Finish.” We will be performing for family and friends on May 7th at Jefferson Junior High.

Third grade has begun their folk dance unit. We are singing the folk songs to accompany the new folk dances and games we learn.

The fourth graders just enjoyed a field trip to DGN where we heard a concert that connected music to the visual arts. We heard pieces from the movies, video game and one inspired by a famous work of art by Georgia O’Keefe.

The fifth graders continue to play the recorders. We are working on improving our playing technique as well as learning new notes and songs. We are currently on our last song, “Ode to Joy.”

The sixth graders have begun discussing the instruments of the orchestra. At the moment we are concentrating on the string family.

Mrs. Roth

Paws Winners

The Meadowview staff is firmly committed to educating students to become self-directed learners, complex thinkers, quality work producers, collaborative team members, and community contributors. As such, we expect our students to conduct themselves at all times in a manner that reflects our three expectations of being respectful, responsible, and safe. Positive reinforcement comes in many ways, and one of those ways is through offering students a ‘paw’ when they demonstrate evidence of being respectful, responsible, and safe. Congratulations to this month’s paw winners for being great models by meeting our building-wide expectations!

Joseph S.-Drevalas

Stephanie L.-Soukup

Ryan G.-Duffy

Sophia M.-Nickles

Jalen H.-Valentour

Joyce P.-Townsley

Juan F.-Townsley

Sandra S.-Sanishvili

Emily P.-Valentour

Ricardo P.-Townsley

Tyler P.-Majerczyk

Stefanie P.-Buchholz

Katie O.-Yeagle

Nico O.-Duffy

Manny P.-Duffy

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Breakfast and Lunch Menus for the Month of March

April Breakfast Menu

Please note, if your child eats breakfast at school, please ensure that he/she arrives at 8:00am so that breakfast can be enjoyed before instruction begins at 8:20am.

April Lunch Menu

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