Peak at the Week!

Chancellor News and Notes, October 17-21, 2016

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Everywhere!

Pumpkins have arrived! We will have our annual pumpkin decorating contest starting next Tuesday until the Fall Festival! Please talk it up when the flyer goes home Monday, so students can start bringing their money in to buy the pumpkins. Pumpkin sales will be in the morning before school in the main hallway. They are bigger than last year's so should make for some nice decorations! It will still be held in the library area. Allow students to go deliver their creations each day in the morning after announcements. Look for more information on when to come vote for all the great pumpkin creations our students come up with.

Reminder for Classroom Teachers:

Please make sure your small group schedules are posted in a visible area in your classroom, as walkthroughs will begin this week with a focus on small group instruction. Have a central location for your data binder, and follow all expectations for what to include, as discussed in PLC #4. The next two PLC's are centered on small group instruction and activities, to help everyone get going. If you have any questions or would like modeled lessons, please talk to your content specialists. Thank you!
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Fall Festival Donations- please keep them coming!

Remember, you can earn jeans passes and help our school by donating any of the following items:

  • 12 pack of soda
  • 24 pack of water
  • large bag of Kids Play candy (or other large bag of candy)

We are also sending our parent flyer on Monday with an invitation for families to send donations if they are able, so please discuss this with your students.

During the week before Fall Festival, you can earn another jeans pass with a donation to the Cake Walk (any store bought cake, pie, etc.)!

Thank you for all your help in getting this event organized! We expect it to be even bigger this year, with more outside items such as bouncy houses and dunking booths, a maze, cotton candy machine, and other fun stuff, along with all the activities everyone is planning! Volunteers for the dunking booth: please see Lisa!! :)

Fall Festival Ticket Sales- Remind your Students

Please remind your students they need to purchase tickets for the Fall Festival for all the fun activities! Tickets are only 5 for $1.00 for this week, or $20 for an unlimited activities wristband! All ticket sales can be turned in to Mrs. Berardi in 4th grade. We will send another tickets flyer home this week as a reminder to parents.

Red Ribbon Week Posters- Time to start hanging them!

Please start working on Red Ribbon Week posters to hang in the hallway! Every class that participates will earn a fabulous bag of Starburst Reds, in honor of Red Ribbon Week! Please check Mr. H.'s email about Red Ribbon Week for more details! We will celebrate Red Ribbon Week starting on October 24th.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Don't forget to wear your pink with jeans on Wednesdays in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month! 1 out of 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetimes. Early prevention screening is proven to help! If you are 35 or older, Alief and Aetna partner to provide free screenings once a year through several mobile units (emails are sent out to sign up), so take advantage of that service!

Our Comet of the Week is...Nina Nguyen!!!

Koya Beavers has nominated Nina Nguyen for the following reasons: "She has been my go to person since day one. She is always here for me to give great advice and strategies to help me be the best that I can be and to ensure the success of the teachers and students. Thank you Nina so much!"

Nina will get to nominate the next Comet of the Week, and has earned the COW space up front for all of next week, a snack shack coupon, and a jeans pass! Congrats!

Technology is Fun!

I have included two links I thought were pretty good, both with MANY resources to try out in the classroom. If you find something you like, email me and let me know! :)
Free Tech 4 Teachers Website

This website has TONS of tech ideas and resources, and there is a blog that is updated daily with new ideas!

50 Tech Tools for Educators

This website has links to 50 tech tools teachers should try out! There are some things on the list you probably already use, like Schoology and Teachers Pay Teachers, but there's tons of others to try out that are free!

A little Technology Fun!

Watch with a friend if you don't have level 1 access! So funny! I wish this app actually existed!
Google Teacher Translate.....

Calendar for the Next 2 Weeks:

17 Boss’s Day EDC 39

Begin 2nd nine weeks

Report cards due

Naglieri testing 8:05,10:45, 1:00

ILT meeting 11:15

Staff meeting - Accountability

PLC 2nd #5

18 EDC 40

SS Specialist meeting

Science Specialist meeting

Intermediate LA Specialist meeting

Music Meeting Art Meeting

GOTR KSE Chess Club

Picture Perfect PLC 1st #5

19 pink/jeans EDC 41

Intermediate SS Specialist mtg

Assembly for 3rd - 5th grades

with meteorologist Travis

Herzog from channel 13

Mentor meeting


20 EDC 42

Report Cards go home

Principal meeting

ESL lead/ELD intervention mtg.

Elsik ROTC - 5th grade 1:50 gym

Culture Committee mtg Sports Club

GOTR Tech Squad PLC 5th #6

21 EDC 43

Fall individual student pictures

ILT language arts meeting

Fat Friday

PLC 4th #6

24 EDC 44


TL meeting PLC 3rd #6

25 EDC 45

4th grade Field Trip - Symphony

REID meeting

GOTR KSE Chess Club

Leading Ladies PLC 2nd #6

26 pink/jeans EDC 46

Oskar the Bully 8:45/1:45

Asst. Principal meeting

Wellness Committee meeting


27 EDC 47

(Fall Festival was changed to Friday)


28 EDC 48


Parent Lunch Day

Vocabulary Parade

Fall Festival No PLC


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